Coffee Wood Table. Round Wood Coffee Tables.

Coffee Wood Table

coffee wood table
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$5 coffee table
$5 coffee table
last week I went on a mission to find the perfect coffee table for this space. well, the perfect coffee table for under, say, $20. the kid was a trooper, as we hit every thrift store in town that day. no dice. today we wandered into our favourite overflowing-with-junk thrift store to find some jars for canning, and though they were out of jars, there sat this square, handmade solid wood coffee table with shelves, on hidden casters. it is eerily like the one I was starting to imagine asking my dad to build. very, very stoked.
Josh's coffee table
Josh's coffee table
Josh bought this coffee table from the St Vincent De Paul's back when he first started flatting. It's been used as everything from a dinner table to a mah jong platform to a convenient step ladder. We sold it on Trade Me in preparation for our move.

coffee wood table