Summer eye make up. Eye makeup remover for sensitive eyes.

Summer Eye Make Up

summer eye make up
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summer eye make up - Neutrogena Nourishing
Neutrogena Nourishing Eye Duo, Eye Shadow, 0.14-Ounce, Starry Night 50 (1 Pack) Smoky Eye Effect
Neutrogena Nourishing Eye Duo, Eye Shadow, 0.14-Ounce, Starry Night 50 (1 Pack) Smoky Eye Effect
Looking for the next evolution in eye shadow? Neutrogena Nourishing Eye Duos are perfectly coordinated eye shadow duos that not only enhance eyes but condition eyelids too. Create your own individual look, day or night, with a nutrient-infused eye shadow that's been clinically proven to give you visually smoother eyelids, for healthier-looking eyes. The base shade conditions with natural soy, silk powder and Vitamins A, C, & E. The accent shade contains luminizing pearls to brighten eyes and add vibrancy. The shadows are fade resistant and crease-proof, so your eyes stay looking beautiful all day long.

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Summeerrr :)
Summeerrr :)
today was over 40 degrees celcius! and so i was soaking up the sun and water thanks to the trusty hose, i felt the need to upload a pic because ive been really slack at it,, butttt i think i am getting a DSLR for chrissy!!!! my eye makup was done by me,, oh and if i get my DSLR i hope it may have hd video cause then ill make utube videos again (music videos, videos, tutorials) but i hope you al have a good christmas break! im getting my hair blonde in 2 days, so this may be the last brunette pic i have :P ps nearly 15000 views on my stream :)
Summer Candy - close
Summer Candy - close
I customized her a little : 1. Added pink - yellow - lime green touches to her eyes make up 2. Little more color to her cheeks 3. Straightened and cut her wig *Q* .. 4. Trimmed her bangs 5. New obtisu body I was so scared but I am a risk taker and I like the results!!! I think she looks cute xxx More plans : Changing eye chips !!! Change her lips color *just need that thin layer coat*

summer eye make up
summer eye make up
Micabella Holiday Mineral Make up Gift Set for Brilliant Dark Skin: Loose Foundation Mf8 Brown + Loose Powder Blush Mb4 Sierra Suede + Eyeshadows #8 Tease, #9 Carnival, #95 Amblance + Foundation Brush + Liner Brush + 6 Stack "A-viva Summer Purple" Eyeshadows, Blush, Eye Primer
Includes: 1 Mineral Foundation "Brown" MF-8?1 Mineral Blush "Sierra suede" MB-4?3 Mineral Eyeshadows "#8 Tease," "#9 Carnival," & "#95 Amblance" 1 Foundation Brush?1 Liner Brush Summer Purple 6 Stack Includes: 4 Mineral Eyeshadows #31 Temptation #90 Patience #56 Daydreams #79 Royal 1 Mineral Blush "Terra Cotta" MB-5 1 Eye Primer Made of only pure, crashed minerals from the earths crust, Micabellas Foundation provides complete coverage by containing both foundation and finishing powder in one, indulging your skin with luminosity, feeling lightweight and looking completely natural.?Micabella products consist of absolutely natural powders which are made of 100% pure MICA and minerals, allowing the natural ingredients to work with natural oils in your skin to provide flawless coverage. Micabellas mineral makeup is extremely gentle, free of any preservatives, chemical dyes, talcs, oils, or other fillers creating and providing the ultimate perfection.