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buy discount makeup - Ponds Clean
Ponds Clean Sweep, Original Clean Wet Cleansing Towelettes, 15-Count (Pack of 8)
Ponds Clean Sweep, Original Clean Wet Cleansing Towelettes, 15-Count (Pack of 8)
Pond's Clean Sweep towelettes remove make-up and impurities in one easy step. These soft, silky towelettes contain an advanced cleansing complex to gently wipe away dirt and make-up. They unfold to a full size to deep clean down to the pores, and lift away dirt, residue, and impurities while removing long-lasting make up--even waterproof mascara. Ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested, Hypo-allergenic and alcohol-free, these towelettes are suitable for sensitive skin and safe for contact lens wearers. These 6-by-8-inch towelettes are made in the USA.

76% (15)
My Haul from IMATS Vancouver 2011
My Haul from IMATS Vancouver 2011
1 hakuhodo pointed large yachi-yo 1 tiny Ben Nye Final Set makeup spray I Royal and Langnickel brush holster belt Make Up For Ever (should be called Make Up Wait In Line Forever LOL) HD foundation primer in blue tint, a Stop Shine gel and Smokey Lash Mascara 1 Royal and Langnickel fan brush (not shown) free samples Ben Nye Cream Foundation, pretty big, not shown and some expensive brush cleaner. I am gonna keep using dr. bronners. I am poor right now so I did not buy more, these were all at at least a 40% discount, except the Hakuhodo brush which cannot be bought for love nor money here in vancouver so i am happy. Hakuhodo did not charge me any tax. Lots of fun, a small trade show, feel free to check out all my other pics.
day 2: yay for makeup!
day 2: yay for makeup!
this is me with the cutest little brush ever. it's MAC's new 181. a mini version of the 182. if you buy it, make sure to wash it with baby shampoo right after you purchase it. it was real mucky and brown and gross. eww. i was super excited to get me some MAC today. it's the only reason i continue to work where i work. i get a 20% discount.

buy discount makeup