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  • haute couture: trend-setting fashions
  • This is a term (and category) used regarding the best of the current fashion trends.
  • Fashion design is the art of the application of design and [[aesthetics]or natural beauty] to clothing and accessories. Fashion design is influenced by cultural and social attitudes, and has varied over time and place.
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Ladies at Boun Bang Fai. Some are real and some are fake
Ladies at Boun Bang Fai. Some are real and some are fake
Categories of Lao Rockets The following are the various types of rockets used during the Rocket Festival competition. There are two categories of rockets, with and without tails, designed by Lao master craftsmen. There are many different styles and colors to please the spectators of the Festival. The first category, without tails, includes the Phu, Pha Niang, Talai, Dok Mai, Kong Khao, and Ma Laen Styles. The second category of rockets, those with tails, is broken into four groups based on weight; the different weight classes hold separate competitions. The first is the Noy rocket, a mall rocket used in a ceremony to test gunpowder; if this soars high into the sky, there will be plentiful rain, but if the rocket explodes, the rains will not fall correctly. Hong rockets hold less than 12 kilograms of gunpowder. Moun rockets hold between 12 to 119 kilograms of gunpowder. Saen rockets are the largest and hold 120 or more kilograms of gunpowder. There are also chanters and dancers who participate in the Rocket Festival procession; they must practice in advance to learn the rhythms of their dance and the rhymes of their chant. On the day of the festival, they will dress in colorful costumes and paint their faces in comical fashion. In addition, they will carry humorous props and carved figures with sexual themes, which they push and pull to the rhythm of their chant. The groups in the procession taunt the spectators to get them to laugh at their chants in order to bring them into the mood of the Festival and join in the fun. Included in the procession are judges who rate the quality of the dancing of the various groups and give prizes as souvenirs of that year’s festival.
Fashion Show
Fashion Show
London, UK

The Metro Ski and Snowboard Show 2006, Olympia

The Motorola / Burton fashion show at the show showcasing the newest fashions on the pistes this season as worn by a crew of poppers and breakers (coincidentally, this is where my friend one his oh so nice jacket.. good for him!).
I didn't want to carry my camera bag with me, lugging it around the show so initially I only brought the 17-40mm L F/4 and no flash gun, the problem is that the L lens, although great when it's outdoors and sunny, is appalling indoors and in low light conditions (this is where I started to think that getting the 18-55mm IS F/2.8 would've been a much better choice). I am starting to think that this lens is only good for the summer season when natural light is high and shining brightly; with the coming winter months ahead, I'm sure this lens will be used less.

I digress; as I was saying, the show had some pretty nice moves by some pretty nice dancers and I tried to fire off a few decent shots of the action; by this time however, I had already gone back to my car and changed the lens from the 17-40mm L F/4 to the 50mm F/1.4 prime. Taking shots was so much easier now but it seems on picking the front row to get a better eye view meant that it was crap for a view through the viewfinder of the camera with the fixed length.

Ah badgers! Should have brought my camera bag and then I could have tested the 17-40mm L F/4 and 430EX flashgun combo and see how it faired in those conditions.


high fashion for less
high fashion for less
OMG! High School
Three great games! Mean Girls - Mean Girls is the ultimate High School Showdown. It's finally up to you who rules the school. Utilizes a fun "Match 3" combat system. Play nice or mean, using over a dozen specialized skills. Clueless - Clueless mixes guys, crushes, friends, school and of course clothing, into one fabulous fashion game. Over 500 sylish options of tops, dresses, pants, shoes, and more. Pretty in Pink - Pretty in Pink lets you recreate the classic romantic triangle between Andie, Duckie and Blane. Then you decide who gets the girl.

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