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    60 minutes
  • hour: a period of time equal to 1/24th of a day; "the job will take more than an hour"
  • 60 Minutes is an American television news magazine, which has run on CBS since 1968. The program was created by long-time producer Don Hewitt who set it apart by using a unique style of reporter-centered investigation.
  • 60 Minutes is an Australian version of the U.S television newsmagazine that premiered on 11 February 1979. It airs on Sunday nights on the Nine Network and is presented in much the same way as the American 60 Minutes program, on which it was based.
  • (archival) of or relating to or contained in or serving as an archive
  • A collection of historical documents or records providing information about a place, institution, or group of people
  • (archive) a depository containing historical records and documents
  • The place where such documents or records are kept
  • collection of records especially about an institution
60 minutes archives
60 minutes archives - 60 Minutes
60 Minutes - Hitler's Secret Archive (December 17, 2006)
60 Minutes - Hitler's Secret Archive (December 17, 2006)
Air Date: 12/17/06 The largest archive of Nazi documents is in Bad Arolson, Germany, where 50 million files detail the horror endured by 17.5 million victims of the Third Reich. Among the victims whose stories are held here: Anne Frank and the Jews on Schindler's list. Scott Pelley travels to the immense archive with three Jewish Holocaust survivors who see, for the first time, the detailed paperwork the Nazis kept on their torturous imprisonment.
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Naval Memorial/Archives, D.C.
Naval Memorial/Archives, D.C.
...had to do some real work to fix this one. Clearly APP couldn't handle the blown highlights at least not in raw->jpeg format anyway. So that was a nice 60-minute exercise in post-processing (especially since I couldn't find a "fill flash" tool in Gimp). Or just use a GND! ;) But this is manageable all with the levels and tone-curve tools...just takes a little more effort and patience than simply using a fill-flash tool. Or just take the shot earlier when the sun isn't right off-frame. See Zen and the Art of Good Photography, chapter #2: "Sometimes the best shot is the shot not taken". Take it at another time, or "crop" the bright clouds out of the shot. Of course, it took me 3 years to think of that. Partially because I wanted the street for perspective. And of course, sometimes we don't have time to come back and take the shot later, especially when we want to come back and take it. And that adds a certain "spice" to our photography, does it not? A certain real-world "grittiness"? What is that saying? "Sometimes you have to live with the shot that you get, which is not necessarily the shot that you want". Was that Tony Soprano? I think it was. Maybe it was Edie Soprano. Hopefully not Al Michaels. By the way, that's a 150deg FOV pano. A 15mm lens gives 110degFOV. Note that I'm standing on the curb already, and the result is at least 16:9 maybe even 2:1. It's still close enough to doable with a 19mm lens that I'll have to try.
60/365: Shadows & Reflections - img 1597
60/365:  Shadows & Reflections - img 1597
Today I'm thankful for the many great pictures I've been able to get with this camera! I used to struggle so much to find one that I wanted to share, but now there are so many :-). I don't upload them all because I don't like to flood my flickr stream. Of course, I know that this is kind of a silly thing to be thankful, but, to me, it is a luxury and I am truly grateful for it. I'm grateful to be (relatively!) free of financial worries, with (relatively) good health, and wonderful friends and family to love and who love me. Life is GREAT!!! This is the interior of the atrium that was shown in the previous photograph. I loved the way this photo captures views of the outdoors as well as the indoor shadows and the reflections of the atrium walls and the trees on the highly reflective floor. Of course, after a few minutes I was asked to stop, which is why this photo isn't well framed and not as good as it probably could have been. But still, I'm mostly pleased with it and I hope you are too :-). Hope that this week has been a good one for all of you, if not, take heart that it is almost over!
60 minutes archives
60 Minutes - Steve Jobs
Airdate: 10/23/11 His products -- the Mac, iPhone, iPad and others -- forever changed the way we think about technology. But how should we think about the man behind them, Apple's hard-driving co-founder Steve Jobs? In the years before his death, Jobs granted biographer Walter Isaacson more than 40 interviews, many recorded on tape. The result, as Steve Kroft reveals in this two-part story, is a rich portrait of an extraordinary innovator, whose outsized talents were matched by very human limitations.
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