60 Inch Round Dining Table. 40 Round Kitchen Table

60 Inch Round Dining Table

60 inch round dining table
    dining table
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60 inch round dining table - Knoll Saarinen
Knoll Saarinen 60-Inch Round Dining Table
Knoll Saarinen 60-Inch Round Dining Table
The Round Tulip™ Dining Tables are constructed from molded, cast aluminum polished and coated in a tough, abrasion-resistant rilsan finish. The 60" table is available in wood, laminate, coated and natural marble and natural granite top finishes, in a wide range of colors. The base finish is available in White, Black or Platinum.Note that marble tops are offered in two finishes: standard Polished or Satin. In 2011, KnollStudio introduced a Satin polyester finish available on all marbles (with the exception of White Extra and natural marbles). The satin finished marble creates a matte sheen that gives the top a natural honed appearance while offering the same protective qualities as the Polished polyester coated marble finish.

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indoor table set up
indoor table set up
The Fontenot Grand Mansion event package includes 60 inch round tables dining and white wooden chairs for seating. Tables seat 10 comfortably. 36 inch tables are also available which seat 4. Table cloth choices are white and pink. For additional colors and chair covers consult our preferred vendors list.
Windsor Chairmakers Round Table
Windsor Chairmakers Round Table
60 inch round tiger maple table with spoonfoot legs, roundover edge, custom color finish with medium antiquing, base is black/green. Seats 6. (Chairs pictured not included in price) Original price $3725. Sale price $1863.

60 inch round dining table
60 inch round dining table
Round Dining Table
The new Bob Mackie Home Classics Collection introduces a delightfully fresh twist to traditional styling with its soft, antique bleached mahogany look. The unique mahogany, primavera and walnut veneer inlays, lavish rope and tassel carvings and a creative use of leather with an embossed crocodile pattern combine to produce a treasure chest of choice and mix and match options. Every piece in this stunning new collection has been carefully selected to wear the coveted Bob Mackie signature with supreme style and grace.