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Accommodation Mount Cook Village

accommodation mount cook village
  • Lodging; room and board
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    mount cook
  • Aoraki/Mount Cook is the highest mountain in New Zealand, reaching a height of .
  • Mount Cook (or Boundary Peak 182) is a high peak on the Yukon Territory-Alaska border, in the Saint Elias Mountains of North America. It is approximately 15 miles southwest of Mount Vancouver and 35 miles east-southeast of Mount Saint Elias.
  • a community of people smaller than a town
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  • Greenwich Village: a mainly residential district of Manhattan; `the Village' became a home for many writers and artists in the 20th century

A day well spent
A day well spent
A gorgeous afternoon's sunset from the headland at 1770. 1770 is a village in Queensland, Australia, built on the site of the second landing by James Cook and the crew of HM Bark Endeavour in May 1770 (Cook's first landing in what is now the state of Queensland). Originally known as Round Hill — after the creek it sits on — the name was changed in 1970 to commemorate the bicentennial of Cook's visit. The community of 1770 hold the re-enactment of this historic landing each year as part of the 1770 Festival held in May. The village is a tourist destination on the Queensland Discovery Coast, in the Joseph Banks Environmental Park; it is on a peninsula, with the Coral Sea and Bustard Bay on three sides. Agnes Water is eight kilometres (5 miles) to the south. The village itself contains holiday accommodation, restaurants, a general store, and a small marina. 1770 can be reached by a tarred road from Bundaberg, 120 kilometres (72 mi) to the south, going through Agnes Water. The town sustains a small permanent population; a significant holiday population makes it to the area to take advantage of fishing and other water activities. The area's wildlife and vegetation has been preserved as far as possible, and this, together with the area's natural beauty, and an outer surf and inner still water beach, is the main tourist attraction. It also offers day cruises and flights to the outer Great Barrier Reef, to nearby Lady Musgrave Island and Lady Elliot Island, Hoskyns Island, Fairfax Island, Llewellyn Reef,Fitzroy Reef, Pancake Creek, and the historic Bustard Head lighthouse. The area also has four national parks: Deepwater, Eurimbula, Mount Colosseum, and Round Hill. These all offer wilderness camping and hiking.
Mount Cook - now you see it
Mount Cook - now you see it
This was taken after we left Mount Cook and most of the clouds had cleared. I was actually surprised at how well I did at taking this photo from the same place, 24 hours later. Even the plant was perky and happy to see the sun! This was a very wide angle shot. Wait until you see my pano!

accommodation mount cook village
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