Cheap Science Toys

cheap science toys
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Parking Structure Roof
Parking Structure Roof
This is the roof of the parking structure where I work. There are some absolutely gigantic fans right behind me in this picture. I ran out of film before I could take a picture of them. They look like something out of a science fiction movie. They blow straight up. You wouldn't want to fall in one. When I purchased the camera for $1 at the Salvation Army Family Store, it came with some film in it. There were two usable pictures. I posted one of them as part of this series. I took the rest of the pictures in this series using that roll. I don't know how old it was.
Science-Fiction Spinning top
Science-Fiction Spinning top
I have a faible for cheap SF Toys. This is one of three or four different spinning tops I have, the difference between them being the motive on the small metal plate, in this case it's the Space Shuttle.

cheap science toys
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