Black bath rugs : Teebaud rug pads.

Black Bath Rugs

black bath rugs
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Sam don't look dirty but he be dirty
Sam don't look dirty but he be dirty
Sam had a case of dog lice a few weeks ago. My cue to call the vet was that he had become super ticklish (you know how when you scratch a dog under the armpit, the dog will often thump it's back leg? -- that kind of ticklish) everywhere. All I had to do was look at Sam and his back leg would start thumping. Plus he had licked one of his "old-dog cysts" hairless, so suddenly it looked different to me. More like a nasty growth. Sam's vet examined him for lumps and bumps, and took some fluid and cells out of the growth on his side. She also sent his blood off to the lab for a workup. That's when I told her, "Oh, one more thing -- when I brushed Sam yesterday I noticed tons of dandruff." Tia and her assistant looked on his lower belly where the "dandruff" was thickest and her assistant said, "That's not dandruff -- that's alive!" OMG -- they showed me a speck of so-called dandruff under the microscope and it most surely was alive. Yuck! A dog louse. I have to say, though I believe every living thing has a right to exist ... this living thing was one of the ugliest living things I've ever seen. It could co-star in Alien. I would not be sad if dog lice (or people lice for that matter) ceased to exist. Anyway, he had to take some ivermectin (systemic to kill the lice) and a bath in some soap with an antihistamine. Sam does not like baths, even though he's a "water dog." So I shot a few photos of his Sad-Sack look in the clinic bathtub. Poor Sammy. He was not a happy camper. I threw out his two beds, which Sam has become particularly attached to in his old age. I also had to was every blanket and throw rug he had been lying on. Plus we had to clean our carpets. What alot of work -- but worth it for this normally dignified canine who was having a very hard time being comfortable, not to mention looking dignified. I made him two new -- even better -- beds of high density 4" thick foam with covers of soft fleece. Then, for the next 3 weeks we had to bath him once a week in anti-llice shampoo (that's Tim bathing him in our tub) as well ans continue to give him a 1x a week invermectin dose. Bitter stuff. Sam is now lice-free. We humans and our cat, Baggins, were never in danger of getting lice on us, but just the thought of having dog lice in our bed meant for the last three weeks Sam has not been allowed up on our bed in the mornings for his 15 minutes of cuddling while I read the paper and drink my coffee in bed. He was bummed! But starting last weekend he's back in the bed with me mornings. What a relief (for Sam that is ...)
English Bath
English Bath
Walls: Simply Sage UL200-6 Lower wall: Renoir Bisque UL140-17 Ceiling: Black Suede S-H-790 Trim and ceiling beans: Ivory Palace UL190-13 Accents: Black Suede S-H-790 Dark Truffle UL140-2 Chai Spice 260D-6

black bath rugs
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