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Look out Penny! here comes the Ghillie-monster! I just downloaded Picasa2 photo editing software tonight and have been playing with photos for hours! I love it!!! So much easier to figure out than photoshop. Granted it won't do as many cool things like erase or blur backgrounds - but it's still pretty cool. AND - it's free. *grin* Wanted to see if I could figure out how to upload one before going to sleep. :) So here is the Ghille Monster of Loch JR. Penny is afraid....very afraid....LOL!!!! YIKES! View large for full effect!!!!
Van Hohenheim/Full Metal Alchemist @ Ultimate Anime Gathering Photoshoot
Van Hohenheim/Full Metal Alchemist @ Ultimate Anime Gathering Photoshoot
Edits of the photos I took during the "Ultimate Anime Gathering" event we organised in DaSein bar/cafe, Athens, Greece. Done with the free, open-source GIMP software.

free full photo editing software