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Hand Knit Baby Hats

hand knit baby hats
    hand knit
  • (Hand-knitting) Hand-knitting is a special case of knitting, in which the knitted fabric is produced by hand.
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hand knit baby hats - Hand Knit
Hand Knit Baby Hat, Newborn to 6 mos. Blue or Pink
Hand Knit Baby Hat, Newborn to 6 mos. Blue or Pink
New pink or blue baby hat. One hat only, you chose, blue or pink. Fits my newborn grandchild but is extremely stretchy. Should fit up to at least 6 months. Just adorable. Multiple blues or multiple pinks. You chose. Email me your color preference when you pay. Handwash and lay flat to dry. Super soft. 85% Merino Wool and 15% Silk. Great gift for the newborn or as a shower gift. Fold up the brim or just roll it a touch. You can just leave it down as I have in the photo. Any of the options look fabulous.

76% (12)
BABY HAT- Hand Knit- Blue- White
BABY HAT- Hand Knit- Blue- White
BABY HAT- Hand Knit- Blue- White- 0-3 Month Size This is a very cute hand knit baby hat. I used a baby jacquard yarn so it has a unique striped pattern running through it. The hat is topped off with a pom pom. The yarn is 90% acrylic and 10% nylon. I would recommend hand washing in cold water then lay flat to dry. Unstretched the inside diameter is about 14-1/2".
Hand Knit Baby Hat
Hand Knit Baby Hat
Hand knit baby hat fits newborn exclusively. Please see my profile for online store information for purchase. 100% wool - 100% handmade

hand knit baby hats
hand knit baby hats
Booties, Blankets & Bears: 20 Irresistible Hand Knits for Your Baby
Nursery essentials that will delight new parents and their babies are showcased in this lovely collection of knitted heirlooms. Based around a trio of core baby items—booties, blankets, and teddy bears—these patterns from bestselling knitter Debbie Bliss offer a range of toys, garments, and other accessories. Each project is beautiful in its own right, while reoccurring themes link projects for creating the perfect baby bundle—such as pairing the stitch blanket with the matching booties, blocks, and bunny. Photographs complement the instructions, and an introductory techniques section illustrates knitting basics. Stylish, creative, and beautifully presented, these hand knits are perfect for new parents and parents to-be or for any knitter looking for a charming, hand-made baby gift.

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