5 week old baby development : Ideas for baby boy nursery.

5 Week Old Baby Development

5 week old baby development
    baby development
  • Child development stages describe theoretical milestones of child development. Many stage models of development have been proposed, used as working concepts and in some cases asserted as nativist theories.
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5 week old baby development - Have a
Have a New Kid by Friday: How to Change Your Child's Attitude, Behavior & Character in 5 Days
Have a New Kid by Friday: How to Change Your Child's Attitude, Behavior & Character in 5 Days
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a great star is lost...Elizabeth Taylor 1932-2011
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I know...I know...what a lovely picture. ha ha Two pretty boy kitties and a roll of toilet paper on a bed getting ready to be made. I had to grab my camera when I saw this one. Bo was the first kitty to come along....income tax day, April 15 of this year ( 2010 ). He was about 5 weeks old. He was in a cage at a feed mill store...all alone. He wanted so badly for me to take him home. I told myself after Savior died....no more cats. Well....Bo came home with me and he needed a little kitty collar. A green plaid one was pretty fancy for a kitty...and it also had a bell. Everywhere this little black orphan would go...he would jingle. It was suggested he be named BO JINGLES...and so it stuck. He gets Bo..for short. Bo's best friend is a little Chihuahua named Ivy. She is also black....with a teeny bit of perfectly marked tan. They love each other....chasing each other to tackle and flip. Bo thinks he is a dog...well a Chihuahua. He also loves to catch chipmunks, which he has taught Ivy to do too. Ivy, the little dog, has become a good mouser....well...."chipmunker"...thanks to the good teachings of her best friend, Bo..the cat. : ) Simon..the Siamese.. came along when I was at the dog groomer and that same day this stray Siamese kitten had been found....along with his buddies. I picked this little guy up and he wrapped himself around my neck and would not let me put him down. Naturally the people at the grooming shop said "oh he loves you" and I said "I don't need a cat"...thank you. Well...I think I loved him as much as he loved me. The rest is history. Simon....is a lot younger than Bo. He was about 6 weeks or a little older when I got him. I had to wait till the lady at the groomer had him neutered and his shots before she would let him go. Her grooming shop is filled with cages of stray cats that people drop off. It is so sad...but she finds good homes for them. She rarely gets Siamese....I just happened to be at the right place at the right time....if you like cats, that is. When Simon came home....Bo HATED him. He hissed at him, ran from him, you name it.....and this lasted for months. Simon wanted so badly to be Bo's friend and Bo would have nothing of it. Well....Ivy's ( the black Chihuahua ) sister, Holly, is all tan. She's the color of Simon. She started to play and befriend Simon. They would play and romp together....although she was a little rough with a kitty much smaller than she was....Simon is not a rough and tough guy like Bo is. He's very delicate for a little boy....although he does like to jump out and attack you when you walk by...but ever so gently. I think with Bo seeing how much Holly loved to play with this new little boy and then Holly's sister, Ivy, also started to play with Simon......bo must have been thinking "Hey new cat....or whatever you are....you are taking MY DOG, Ivy....leave her alone..she belongs to me!!! " This picture, above, is only a recent development. Bo has not accepted Simon...but only on his terms. When Bo feels like playing with Simon....oh Simon is so very lucky. When Simon wants to play with Bo....Bo usually walks away. He no longer hisses at Simon and that is so good. Simon is not a chipmunk catcher....he catches moles. He seems to only be able to catch moles...which he has taught Holly, his dog, to do too. It is amazing that each of the new cats......have their own dog. Bo, the cat and Ivy, his dog, are both black and Simon and his dog, Holly, are both tan. Each cat has taught their own dog.....how to be a "mouser" of sorts. Now to try and get a picture of all four of them together.....probably impossible. Those two little Chihuahua sisters are pretty darn fast and jumpy. The cats are now bigger than the dogs....but the dogs were here first. Oh I also did fail to mention that at night.....Simon sleeps "on" Molly. Molly is and will always be......the Mother figure. I am going to get a good picture of that...it's pretty darn cute. Simon rubs against Molly like she is his HUGE Mother cat. Sure....it's a mixed up family.....but a family I love very very much. : )

5 week old baby development
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