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Baby Flannel Crib Sheets

baby flannel crib sheets
    crib sheets
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Lily's Crib Sheets - Blue Flannel
Lily's Crib Sheets - Blue Flannel
I have a mini-crib and crib sheets are considerably harder to find for the smaller mattress size, so I decided to just go ahead and make my own fitted crib sheets. (Don't worry - toys are in there for display only - will be removed when baby is in there).
flannel crib sheet #3
flannel crib sheet #3
Had a baby shower to go to tomorrow. Looked at baby gift registery- new mom-to-be wanted some crib sheets. ($10-12 each!). Baby is due in late October so I made these with flannel at home and a Kwik Sew for babies pattern from 1982!

baby flannel crib sheets
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