Tire Shops Vancouver Bc

tire shops vancouver bc
    vancouver bc
  • Vancouver is a coastal city located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada. It is named for British Captain George Vancouver, who explored the area in the 1790s.
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Paddle boarding in White Rock
Paddle boarding in White Rock
When a friend asked if I wanted to spend my day off stand-up paddle boarding in the shallow waters off White Rock beach, there was little hesitation in my response. With a resounding "OH YEAH", I helped pack up her two massive boards and headed out on the short drive to White Rock, an ocean-side suburb about 40km south of Vancouver. Being a weekday, it was a quiet day on the water as we cruised north along the shoreline from the main beach. The gorgeous waterfront homes weren't all we got to admire - within 15 minutes, a bald eagle had swooped over us, a huge heron landed close to shore and a seal swam right under us and popped up just 10 or so feet away! Unfortunately, he evaded my attempts to capture his curious little whiskered face on camera. Paddle boarding is almost closer to kayaking than surfing, but it does require good balance and a fairly strong core as you have to stabilize yourself against the waves while standing up. It takes a few minutes to get used to the rocking motion of the waves and find a stance for your feet that's comfortable. I found that bending my knees helped a lot with stability. If you get tired or feel shaky, you can kneel or even sit down on the board while continuing to paddle, turning it into a boat of sorts. It was definitely a cool experience to have the water lapping over my feet as I paddled along, and because I was standing up, the view was even better than from a kayak or canoe. And the best thing about it? You can literally paddle board anywhere there's enough water to keep you afloat. Rivers, lakes, ocean... you name it!If you're looking for a way to get out and really experience the BC coastline, without spending a fortune or committing to learning a whole new sport like surfing, you should definitely check out paddle boarding. It's relaxing, but just enough activity that you feel like you've earned that apres patio beer ;) For stand-up paddle boarding, you need a large, stable surfboard and a long paddle. There are several shops in Metro Vancouver that rent paddle board equipment - just Google it! Deep Cove (north of Vancouver) and Jericho Beach (in Vancouver) are two other popular spots for paddle boarders. Can't wait for my next trip out on the water!
7-11 TRAIL – A great way to discover Metro Vancouver
7-11 TRAIL – A great way to discover Metro Vancouver
Connecting downtown Vancouver to Surrey is the convenient Skytrain. Following underneath the Skytrain for the majority of this journey is the 7-11 bike path. Starting at Science World it goes all the way to Richmond. On the way, you will pass Commercial Drive (home to great yearly events like the Car Free Festival), as well as Trout Lake which hosts one of Vancouver’s Farmers Markets. You will pass through Central Park in Burnaby which is a great break from the traffic. Stop off at Metrotown for a spot of light shopping. Or, rest with a coffee and a small treat at Choices Market In The Park at Edmonds.Even though the majority of the 7-11 pathways are on trails there are a few spots where you will be on the road. A helmet will give you extra reassurance that you are safe and is mandatory under BC law.From Science World to Metrotown there are a few good sharp hills. They are not too bad, if you get tired, step off and walk your bike up. If you are anti-hills, Skytrain out to Metrotown (as it is at the highest point) and bike towards downtown, the ride is very easy and enjoyable. Bikes can be taken on the Skytrain any time except from 7-9am and 4-6pm Monday to Friday.So, get on your bike, enjoy the summer sun and explore beautiful Metro Vancouver.

tire shops vancouver bc
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