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fuzion tires canada
  • Fuzion is a generic role-playing game system created by the collaboration of R. Talsorian Games and Hero Games. Fuzion is a combination of the Interlock System, (used in games like Mekton and Cyberpunk 2020), and the HERO system (used in Champions, Justice, Inc., Star Hero, etc.).
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Fuzion Frenzy 2 (review)
Fuzion Frenzy 2 (review)
I picked up Fuzion Frenzy 2 on Goozex hoping for some mini-game fueled fun. Unfortunately this game falls drastically short of even remotely resembling even the vaguest hint of 'fun'. I don't even know where to begin detailing just how horrible this game truly is. To give it away to winners of that Old Spice Experience contest is more of an insult than a prize. Lets start with the mini games themselves - out of the 40+ on this disc I believe there were maybe 2 or 3 that were enjoyable. The rest were marred with sluggish controls, mundane mechanics, or simply benign gameplay. Add to these trite mini games an announcer who never quite shuts the hell up (unless you turn him off in the options) and all you have is an exercise in your patience. Playing the single player part of the game is not the least bit enjoyable thanks to the issues mentioned above, plus unbalanced, schizophrenic AI. I wanted to jump through my TV and strangle my opponents on easy, I can only imagine the amount of rage using the HARD difficulty would illicit. The on-line portion is marginally better, only because you can laugh about how terrible this game is with other people. While trying to explore the on-line tournament I had to constantly fight the urge to pull the plug on my 360 and run out into the street screaming. The only thing keeping me plugged in was the prospect of picking up some pretty hefty achievements. My suggested achievement for this game would be: SUFFERING - 1,000,000 GS You managed to complete Fuzion Frenzy 2 without taking your life or the life of someone close to you. I didn't even mention the ridiculous card system this game uses. Lets just say you could be king of the mini-game world, but if someone gets a X6 multiplier card, you're screwed. The AI can pull one of those out of its ass in the first mini-game and then you are finished, left with ABSOLUTELY NO WAY to catch up. Who in their right mind thought that would be fun!?!?! I have a few achiement points to put my sanity on the line for and then I cannot wait to get this game out of my house and as far away from my 360 as possible. If I can't re-Goozex it I just might throw it on the BBQ and burn it into the twisted mess of garbage that it actually is. This game sucks I rate it -9,999,999 out of a possible 10 Go buy Bomberman Live instead of this.
D-Tek Fuzion CPU Block
D-Tek Fuzion CPU Block
Up close of the D-Tek Fuzion CPU block in action.

fuzion tires canada
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