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Elite Wholesale Wheels

elite wholesale wheels
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elite wholesale wheels - Hot Wheels
Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari 308 GTB - Red
Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari 308 GTB - Red
The 308 GTB made its debut at the Paris Salon in 1975. Built to a Pininfarina design by Scaglietti, it retained the Dino 308 GT4?s V8, albeit with dry sump lubrication. It was manufactured in the 1970s-1980s as a successor to the Dino 246 GT and is a 2-seater with sweeping curves and aggressive lines, making it the most recognized and iconic Ferrari road car. The Pininfarina designed body features a pronounced wedge profile, with a rectangular egg-crate aluminium radiator grille below a slim, full-width, satin-black, front bumper. However, there were numerous key design elements of the Dino 246 GT carried through into the body details. These included the scalloped door intakes, twin circular rear light assemblies, and the vertical, concave rear screen, bounded by buttressed sail panels. In essence the shape was a modernization of the Dino, with enough traces of its predecessor to provide a thread of continuity. The 308 GTB's bodywork was made entirely of glass-reinforced plastic (or GRP), making it very lightweight. Production ran from 1975 through to 1980, during which time 2897 examples were produced in the chassis number range 18677 to 34349. Only 712 of the first Fiberglass dry-sump versions were made and they are very much sought-after by collectors. This 1:18th model is a great stand-in for the much-rarer real thing!

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Elite N° 477
Elite N° 477
Appareil Elite francais de 1953. Le viseur est interne decentre sur la gauche avec un posemetre optique. L'objectif est un Fexar spec optic de Tourret Narat avec un diaphragme a 2 ouvertures : intense et normal. L'obturateur est a 2 vitesses plus pose : 1/25s et 1/100s. Presence d'une griffe porte objet et d'une prise synchro flash. Le declencheur est sur le tube rentrant qui est en aluminium et la mise au point est fixe.L'appareil est en bakelite. Une molette assure l'avancement du film qui est de format 620 a joues reduites en 6x9.
Elite Alex
Elite Alex
Elite Alex on the backstretch of Oaklawn Park in Hot Springs, AR. 3.19.2011

elite wholesale wheels
elite wholesale wheels
Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari 250 GT California Spider SWB LM #20
Many Ferrari aficionados consider the 250 California SWB Spyder one of the most beautiful and functional cars ever made. The term 'spyder' in the model name is something of an anomaly, as the California is really a cabriolet or convertible, with a full folding hood. However, it was in effect an open-top version of the 250 GT Berlinetta. Thus, the term 'spider' differentiated it from the concurrently produced 250 GT cabriolets, which were aligned with the road-going 250 GT coupes. This model was constructed in two distinct series: the 'LWB' (long wheelbase), between 1958 and 1960, and the 'SWB' (short wheelbase) from 1960 to 1962. The latter example wasn't actually completed until early 1963, with sub-divisions relative to body and mechanical details. A removable hard-top was available for both series. This is a special competition model with a testa rossa type engine. This model is among the best 250 GT SWB Spyder: the current owner rejected a $10 million offer for it!