Plastic Wheels Toys

plastic wheels toys
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plastic wheels toys - American Plastic
American Plastic Toy Extreme Ride-In
American Plastic Toy Extreme Ride-In
Features oversized knobby wheels, "off-road" styling and lots of colorful decals. A screwdriver and two-sided wrench are stored in the trunk - the essential tools for all those building mechanics. Take apart engine has 14 removable parts. Front and rear bumpers can also be easily removed and reinstalled with the screwdriver.

Features include:

•Oversized knobby wheels
•Measures 33-3/4" x 22-1/8" x 15-1/4"
•Take apart engine has 14 removable parts
•Comes with screwdriver and two-sided wrench
•Removable front and rear bumper

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Train Engine
Train Engine
This train engine comes from the American Plastic Brick Wheel Toy set. It is on the back page of the instructions. I had the parts for this as a kid, but never figured out how to attach the drive piston to the side. I guess I have a little more determination than I used to. This model can be built with set number 750.
Plastic Toy Ferris Wheel
Plastic Toy Ferris Wheel
85mm diameter. Lovely 'working' toy made in England by SUNNYTOYS. 'Can be used as a water wheel under a running tap'. What more could a child of the 50s want?

plastic wheels toys