How You Can Observe, Support and Mold a Better Future:

Observers stay in touch with developments along the road to the 5th World, by opting into our periodic online 5th World Journal, which for many years has been documenting our progress out of the 4th World and into the New Paradigm of the 5th World. Postings are organized into seven areas: Expectations, Milestones, Knowledge, Wisdom, Thoughts, New History, and Humor.

Register to be a Steward or a Visioneer
Stewards support the creation and maintenance of a better world by contributing their best ideas and by donating as much as possible via PayPal to the 5th World Fund each time they participate in a global coordinated visualization of the 5th World. 
RegisteredStewards and Visioneers who regularly participate in global manifestation events are eligible to APPLY for  financial help so that they can BE the change they seek in the world. 

Visioneers mold a better future by coordinating Stewards in visualization according to the 5th World Visualization Calendar. Visioneers lift up the best ideas, talk to people, educate them about what is going on, and encourage them to
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