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Full Moon Global Coordination May 5-6, 2012

posted May 1, 2012, 10:59 AM by Brian Crissey
The next Full Moon occurs at these times and zones:

Saturday May 5, 2012 
11:35 PM EST 10:35 PM CST 9:35 PM MST 8:35 PM PST
Sunday May 6, 2012  
3:35 AM UT, GMT
12:35 PM Japan

Please gather in groups, real and virtual, to coordinate your powerful intentions to manifest a better world. Please read and contemplate the "Full Moon Imagination" document in the Docs section during the gathering.

You may want to use Steward forest48's moving animations in the Planetary Healing Guided Visualizations section to establish indelible imagery that you can call up when you meditate.

Download and play the "Musical Rapture" in the background, if you choose to, muting the sound in the video, or use the lovely music from musoJames that has been put into the video's soundtrack.

Please also do not forget to donate as much as you can to the 5th World Fund. This is the year when we all need to help out as much as we can. Thank you for your participation! Future generations are deeply appreciative of you! Without your help, they may not exist. :|