I will...

Intend the Highest Good
I shall acknowledge and honor my primary intention for the Highest Good for the Earth, All My Relations, and Myself. I intend to move in the direction of the highest and best good for the whole. I shall take no action unless it intends to benefit all whom it affects, knowing that nothing can long endure if not based on truth and justice. I shall devote myself in service to the highest Good for the whole, and I embrace the exquisite joy this brings me as a natural expression of my life’s purpose.

Honor All Others
I shall come from a sense of cooperation and caring in my interactions with all other beings, respecting that we share common objectives, although our positions, means, and appearances may differ. I recognize that every being is a unique expression of the Divine, and I honor the intelligence of body, mind, and emotions that is uniquely expressed through each of us. I shall honor all paths that sincerely seek the Divine. I shall treat others as I like to be treated.

Collaborate and Lead
I shall foster an environment of genuine collaboration in which all beings, including myself, feel empowered to express their individual and collective potential. Every day I shall seek to find common ground and to help mold the predominant consensus that will guide our collective actions. I shall attract the people, forces and resources necessary to succeed by being exemplary in Pure Intent and in service to the Highest Good for the whole. I shall cause others to believe in me because I believe in them and in myself.

Be the Change I Wish To See in The World

I shall strive every day, at every moment, to live as if love, spiritual strength and balance is already the predominant consensus in our world. I shall make every breath a prayer of gratitude that we have been blessed by the Divine with the opportunity to be here now and to be a part of this beautiful process. In my every thought, word and action I shall strive to replace hatred, envy, jealousy, selfishness, and cynicism and with love, spiritual strength, and balance, knowing that nothing constructive can come from fear and negativity.

Take Responsibility
I shall take seriously my commitment to regularly participate in coordinated global visualizations of a better world. I shall take responsibility for all my creations, reactions, experiences and relationships. I shall keep my agreements, negotiate changes if I need to, and ask for help when I need it.

Keep My Commitment Fresh
I shall choose and re-choose to participate in and co-create the field of consciousness that is necessary to manifest and maintain a better world.  I recognize my responsibility to contribute what is alive and true in my heart every day and to listen to and share the subtle guidance that comes from silence.

Be Present, Centered and Awake
I shall be myself, authentic, and fully present. I shall do my best to recognize when I am out of harmony and to bring myself back into the integrity of my own center – the place of neutral, witness consciousness, or pure awareness. When I find myself going into "story" or emotional reactivity, I shall strive to become present and awake in my experience, exploring my feelings inwardly rather than reactively defending myself or projecting onto others.

Communicate with Integrity
I agree to be honest and compassionate with my communications – to speak from my heart, maintain connection, and to be true to my word. I agree to listen respectfully to the communication of others and to tune into their deepest meanings, noticing any inner reactions and taking responsibility for my feelings while staying present to truly listen. I agree to take the time to establish rapport and reconnect with anyone with whom I feel out of harmony.

Resolve Problems Constructively
At my earliest opportunity, I shall take problems, complaints and upsets to those with whom I can best resolve them. I shall strive to offer potential solutions, and I shall help others resolve their issues in similar ways.

Come From My Resources

I agree to take care of myself and to honor my own sense of balance with conscious choice in areas like sleep, nutrition, exercise, and thinking, so that I may live from a place of resource and not burden others unnecessarily.

Seize the Day

I am committed to doing my best to be complete in each day — to live as if today is my first and my last day alive. Every day I shall strive to live in our Intentional Manifestation Field of love, spiritual strength, and balance to the best and fullest of my capacity.

-- Adapted from The Co-Creator's Handbook and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.