Sustaining the 5th World 2013 and forward

We have collectively manifested the 5th World of love, balance, and spiritual strength!
We all feel it! Old ways are failing and new ways are in ascendence!
There is a higher vibrational energy in the Earth now!

Now we need to maintain it so it does not revert.
The following information sources will remain at this site for your convenience.
The invest button will still operate.
But we will no longer need to call you into groups at certain times.
You can do this on your own, from now on.

Zeta Guide Maris Asks Us To Continue: See "A 2013 Message from Zeta" in Docs Section
See Where Your Donations Have Gone Help Those Who Would Be the Change We All Seek in the World

Lunar times will no longer be posted here. Click HERE instead and find your good dates and times.
To convert times to your zone, click HERE.
To coordinate with the Global Coherence Initiative, click HERE.
Gorgeous guided visualization animations by Steward forest48:

Counterclockwise Size 640x360. Or mobile size 480x242.
Clockwise Size 640x360. Or mobile size 480x242

Use your inner guidance to select between counterclockwise (original) rotation or clockwise. Experience these moving illustrations of the use of torus energy in group process so you can establish indelible imagery that you can call up when you meditate with others in group. The mobile variation can be used as you travel, wherever you are.

There is beautiful music by MusoJames in the videos, which can be used directly, or muted, if you wish to play  "Musical Rapture" in the background. 

Dr. Masaru Emoto has shown that water has memory. We invite you to place water bottles at the center of your swirling group energy field and read, discuss and contemplate the "Full Moon Imagination" document in the Docs section. Add your own thoughts.

Let your water hear you and feel your emotion. It will remember your beautifully vivid images of a better world. When the group process is done, a pendulum held over the bottles will swirl energetically in the direction that the group swirled its energy, and even a single drop of this energetically swirling water will cause other water bottles to swirl in a similar manner. 

We encourage you to create swirling water and place drops into as many bodies of water as you can. In this way, this dear Water Planet will be transformed by water that remembers only a better world, and so we will create the 5th World of love, balance and spiritual strength.

Click to select an animated Planetary Healing Visualization