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Scout Network is the ultimate social network for 18 to 25 year old women and men having fun with friends who want to keep on scouting. The activities are as good as ever and you run the show.

Every member of Scouting aged between 18 and 25 is part of Network either on a UK wide or a local level and able to take part in a huge range of activities and awards. Their time culminates in one of Scouting's biggest awards: the Queen Scout Award.

AT Skydiving. Copyright of Pegasus Scout Network.
Pegasus: Your local scout network.

Pegasus is the Scout Network for New Forest North. 

They meet at Copythorne's Scout HQ on Tuesday evenings or are out and about doing a huge variety of fun and adventurous activities. As well as being amazing fun it can even boost your CV.

From international trips to carnivals, glow-in-the-dark cricket to shelter building, wide games to learning new skills we've run all of these.