Maintenance Days

A hammer and a paintbrush crossed
Our headquarters has served us well for 35 years, but it is starting to show its age. Since 2013 we've been holding regular events to help give the old girl a facelift! 

Anyone is welcome to come to these days - refreshments are guaranteed as well as plenty of work! We're especially keen to see you if you have any experience in the construction trade.

Make sure you help us by coming along and by helping us to raise the money to fund these vital works!

What have we got planned?

We have loads of projects on the go to improve our HQ these include:
  • Getting a brand new bigger kitchen, allowing our Scouts to get fully hands on in a safe cooking environment. If you know anyone who can help with design, then please get in touch.
  • Improve our outside storage areas including minibus garage and quartermaster store.
  • Keep looking at the roof to make sure it no longer leaks and look into improving the insulation at the top of the building.
  • Install a new system of piped hot water to all sinks in the building.
  • Improving the Explorer Den.
  • A bouldering wall for the outside of the Scout HQ.
  • An endless list of smaller, cosmetic changes to keep our HQ in top order!
As you can see, it's quite a long and ambitious list. To achieve this, we need your help and support and a lot of fundraising. So spread the word of our fundraising events, or get involved yourself and we'll achieve this!