About Us

About 5th New Forest North.

We are the 5th New Forest North (Testwood) Scout Group, providers of adventure and fun to young people for over 50 years. So if you live in and around Totton then we're for you. 

Our location on the border between the New Forest and the city of Southampton mean we can be truly innovative with our programmes. We do lots of cool stuff throughout the year, but don't take our word for it. Jump into the adventure and try it for yourself!

Four sections catering for boys and girls aged between 6 and 18 operate out of our Blackwater Drive headquarters, with the fifth and final section for 18 to 25 year olds operating locally. 

About Scouts in the UK.

Nationwide, Scouting provides fun and adventure for 400,000 boys and girls between 6 and 25. Scouting as a whole has changed in the last decade, get a picture of Scouting today in the video below.

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If you want the bigger picture then check out the What we do section of The Scout Association's website.

Any Questions?
Who can join?
Three scouts

Put simply, everyone. Regardless of your gender, sexuality, background, religion, ability or anything else you can be a Scout. Anyone between 6 and 25 can become a member of our youth sections from Beaver Scouts to Scout Network and we will do our absolute best to accommodate them.

But it's not just the kids. Adults can also get involved in their own adventure - becoming a leader. Thousands take the plunge and show they have that special something, and with 35,000 Scouts nationwide waiting but unable to join due to lack of leaders any time, no matter how small is enough. There's no upper age limit and there's a role to suit everyone.

Take a look here for more questions about joining answered.

What are the sections?
Scouting has five sections to make sure you're spending time with people of the same age and skills as you. They are:
    • Beaver Scouts for 6-8 year olds
    • Cub Scouts for 8-10½ year olds
    • Scouts for 10½-14 year olds
    • Explorer Scouts for 14-18 year olds
    • Scout Network for 18-25 year olds. 
You can find details of how to contact them here.
Do you still make a promise?
Cub scout saluting
Yes, we think it's important so that all Scouts know how important the things in the promise are. The main scout promise and law is used by the Scouts, Explorers, Network sections and Leaders. It has gone (almost) unchanged for over 100 years:
On my honour I promise that I will do my best, to do my duty to God and to the Queen, to help other people, and to keep the Scout Law.
A Scout is to be trusted
A Scout is loyal
A Scout is friendly and considerate
A Scout belongs to the worldwide family of scouts
A scout has courage in all difficulties
A Scout makes good use of time and is careful of possessions and property
A Scout has self respect and respect for others
Cubs have a simplified promise and law, which is:
I promise that I will do my best, to do my duty to God and to the Queen, to help other people and to keep the Cub Scout law.
Cub Scouts always do their best, think of others before themselves, and do a good turn every day.
Beavers just have a promise, which is:
I promise to do my best, to be kind and helpful and to love God.

Don't let the promise put you off. If you're an adult then there are roles in which you don't have to make it and there are versions of the promise for those of different or no faith and for those whose home country is not the UK. 
Three cubs with their thumbs up
What is the uniform and where can I buy it?
As a uniformed organisation, we do have a uniform which we wear to show who we are. 

The Beavers and Cubs uniform consists of a jumper and group scarf while the Scouts, Explorers, Network and Leaders have a uniform consisting of a shirt, scarf, trousers and belt. The group scarf is provided by the group when invested.

The rest can be bought:
  • Online from Scout Shops
  • Oasis Christian Centre in Church Street, Romsey.
  • From Skoolkit in Commercial Road, Totton
  • John Lewis in WestQuay, Southampton 
If you have any monetary concerns then please don't hesitate to ask a leader (we often accumulate quite a collection of lost uniform over the years!). Remember that kids do grow quickly so make sure there's enough growing room!
What about money?
A piggy bank with a Scout Scarf
Unfortunately, adventure does cost some money. However, a recent report revealed that Scouting was one of the most affordable youth activity out there so we must be doing something right. 

All sections will need a contribution to pay for the upkeep of our building, insurance, membership of the Scout Association, the training and resources that support our leaders and, of course, to pay for the activities themselves. Occasionally some activities and camps will require some additional money and you will be informed in advance of these occasions. We also balance them out, so there'll always be an affordable adventurous activity each year.
We try to lessen the impact of some of these costs by doing a lot of fundraising so we can subsidise some trips, fund improvements to our Scout HQ and generally keep the amount our parents have to contribute right down.
If you have any worries about money, please talk to a leader - we don't want anybody to miss out because of money troubles and hopefully an arrangement can be made.
How will you keep my child safe?
We take the protection of every child very seriously. All of our leaders are checked and undertake training while also following strict rules and guidelines on keeping your child safe.