The 5th ORCA Meeting, will be held on October 17th-19th, 2013, at the Alicante University in Alicante, Spain.

We are glad to bring the 5th ORCA meeting to Alicante which will attract participants from all over Europe to discuss the latest advancements about asymmetric organocatalysis. Some key topics will include the design and applications of new organocatalysts; mechanistic studies; development of new organocatalyzed reactions; and other interesting topics related with industrial applications, and other interdisciplinary aspects. The intention is to emphasize on the multidisciplinary character of the asymmetric organocatalysis and, accordingly, to put together academics, industrials and students from different branches of the field.

Five plenary speakers will present their latest research. The program will also include around eight invited speakers, ten short oral communications and poster sessions, which will provide participants the opportunity to highlight their recent work.

Three days before the ORCA meeting (14th-16th October 2013), we will also celebrate an Organocatalysis Training School at Alicante University. Four outstanding experts in asymmetric organocatalysis, will provide a broad-based introduction to key concepts and techniques that underpin research in asymmetric organocatalysis. This will offer young students and scientists, the opportunity to learn and study modern aspects of the asymmetric organocatalysis discipline. Students will also be able to present their research through flash or poster communications.

Both the Conference and the Training School are also open to non-COST ORCA members, who will be able to attend and present their research in the corresponding sesions (see registration for non-ORCA members).

We are looking forward to welcome you in Alicante!!

The Organizing Committee

Dr. Gabriela Guillena, Organic Chemistry Department, Alicante University, Spain

Dr. Diego Alonso VelascoOrganic Chemistry Department, Alicante University, Spain

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Diego Alonso Velasco,
Apr 13, 2013, 2:11 PM