Narrative Writing: Student Directions
Hiking in the Grand Canyon Narrative Performance Task
Your school writing club is holding a short story contest about The Great Outdoors. You have often thought about hiking and you wonder what it would be like to hike in Grand Canyon National Park. You decide to do more research about hiking in Grand Canyon National Park. As part of your initial research, you find four sources about the Grand Canyon and hiking.
After you have reviewed these sources, you will answer some questions about them. Briefly skim the sources and the three questions that follow. Then, go back and read the sources carefully so you will have the information you will need to answer the questions and finalize your research. You may click on the Global Notes button to take notes on the information you find in the sources as you read. You may also use scratch paper to take notes.
In Part 2, you will write a story on a topic related to the sources.
Directions for Beginning:
You will now examine several sources. You can re-examine any of the sources as often as you like.
Research Questions:
After examining the research sources, use the rest of the time in Part 1 to answer three questions about them. Your answers to these questions will be scored. Also, your answers will help you think about the information you have read and viewed, which should help you write your story.
You may click on the Global Notes button or refer back to your scratch paper to review your notes when you think it would be helpful. Answer the questions in the spaces below the items.
Both the Global Notes on the computer and your written notes on scratch paper will be available to you in Part 1 and Part 2 of the performance task.

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