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Source #4
This article from Appleseeds magazine is about preserving the Grand Canyon. 

How to Be a Green Traveler
by Katherine Swarts

Every year, between four and five million tourists visit Grand Canyon National Park. Even with 1.2 million acres to explore, all those people strain the park’s ecosystem.1 Many overlooks and trails have been badly eroded by millions of feet. Winds bring smog from cities. Planes cause noise pollution. Dams on the Colorado River slow the flow of the water, causing many unnatural changes.
When you visit the Grand Canyon, you won’t be able to solve these problems. But there are a lot of things you can do to be sure you don’t make them worse.
• Never feed or try to touch wild animals, no matter how cute they might be. Human food is not good for wild animals, and too much of it can make animals dependent on people.
• Never pick plants or collect rocks. Many are rare or delicate. It’s also against the law!
• Ask your parents to leave the car in Williams, Arizona. From there, you can take the Grand Canyon Railway to the South Rim.
• Stay on well-traveled trails. Never take shortcutsthey damage the land by contributing to erosion. And some rare plants can take a hundred years to recover from being stepped on! Shortcuts can also lead you into dangerous places.
• Use recycling bins and litter cans. At the North Rim and other areas with few bins, take along bags to carry your trash out. Never toss anything on the ground, not even an apple core.
• If you’re lucky enough to encounter a California condorone of the biggest and rarest birds on Earthstay at least a hundred yards away. And tell park rangers about any condors you see. That helps scientists keep track of the birds. 
• Don’t use more water than you need. This is your chance to go without a bath! (Remember to drink lots of water though.)
• Don’t drive anywhere you can walkor take the free shuttle buses.
• If you want to do something big for the park, ask visitor services about the Junior Ranger Program or Habitat Restoration Program.
• If you see other visitors doing things that hurt the park, speak up in a friendly way. Remind them that it takes everyone’s efforts to keep the Grand Canyon beautiful.
1ecosystem: a group of plants and animals and the environment they live in
How to Be a Green Traveler by Katherine Swarts. Copyright © 2008 by Carus Publishing Company. Reprinted by permission of Carus Publishing Company.