Welcome Message 大會訊息

    Dear colleagues and friends,

     It is our great pleasure to invite you to attend The 5th Mind-Body Interface (MBI) International Symposium, held on Oct. 20 to 21, 2015 at China Medical University, Taichung, Taiwan.

     This is the century for neuroscience research. Neuroscience research is at an important turning point, with the current  pharmacologically focused model having achieved modest benefits in addressing the burden of poor mental health worldwide. Although the determinants of mental health are complex, the emerging and compelling evidence for nutrition as a crucial factor in the high prevalence and incidence of mental disorders suggests that diet is as important to neuroscience as it is to other fields of medicine. Hence, the aims of this symposium are to integrate the knowledge and findings of neuroscience and nutritional research to improve the quality and services provided in mental health care. A special feature of this symposium is also to provide new insight on nutritional medicine in neuroscience. We will be welcoming well-known researchers from around the world to share their experience in both neuroscience and nutritional medicine.

     The MBI-Lab vigorously promotes a global agenda of translational medicine by promoting interdisciplinary research, and integrating work from the bench and bedside, which aim to provide better care and service in the field of mental health.

     We look forward to greeting you in Taichung, Taiwan in October of 2015.

Cordially and affectionately,

Kuan-Pin Su, M.D., Ph.D.

Chairman, Organizing Committee of the 5th MBI Int’l Symposium
Director, Mind-Body Interface Laboratory (MBI-Lab), China Medical University Hospital, Taichung, Taiwan
Chairman & Professor of Graduate Institute of Neural and Cognitive Sciences, China Medical University, Taichung, Taiwan


中國醫藥大學附設醫院身心介面實驗室 (MBI-Lab),將於104102021 (週二~三 ) 舉辦【第五屆身心介面國際研討會】,歡迎相關領域的人員踴躍參與!

這是一個腦科學研究的世紀。目前腦神經科學的研究大多仍著重在疾病的藥物治療上,但許多疾病尚未能獲得有效的治療。近來,隨著越來越多的研究顯示飲食 和營養攝取對於疾病有相當的影響,也包括腦科學相關的疾病。本研討會旨在結合營養科學與腦神經科學研究發現,藉由轉譯醫學的創新研究,從不同的角度去探究疾病的機轉,並找尋具前瞻性且有效的的臨床治療方式。    

MBI-Lab向來致力於促進基礎研究與臨床醫學的交流與合作,本研討會將邀請國際知名研究團隊就營養醫學(Nutritional Medicine)在神經科學(Neuroscience) 領域的最新發現與未來發展趨勢提供一個交流的平台,這將會是一個學術研究人員與臨床醫療人員交流的盛會, 誠摯邀請您共同參與。 

敬祝   順心 

蘇冠賓 醫師

第五屆身心介面國際研討會 大會主席 

中國醫藥大學附設醫院 身心介面實驗室(MBI-Lab) 主持人 

中國醫藥大學 神經科學與認知科學研究所 所長