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This is the only compulsory bit of uniform for our group. All the badges attach here

(hats are an optional accessory)
Polo shirts are not compulsory but highly recommended for activities. An alternative would be a PLAIN polo shirt or t-shirt, preferably to match the section colour.
Scout activity shorts/trousers are not compulsory but again recommended particularly for activities.
Alternatives would be plain trousers or jeans.
Smart uniform is occasionally requested (see below)
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In addition to the uniform your child will need a neckie and a woggle.
Our neckie is a distinctive blue and yellow. It will be given to your child along with a coloured woggle when they are invested into their section. The neckie, woggle and badges are provided by the group.


A good sturdy pair of trainers are the most practical option for activities at the hut and most walks and outdoor activities. Please wear black school shoes when smart uniform is requested.

Smart Uniform events

On occasions such as Church Parade, Remembrance Sunday, St Georges Day etc the group will request "smart uniform". This will include full section uniform with smart trousers (school trousers are fine) and black shoes (Leather school shoes are ideal, polished please)

Where can I get the Uniform?

There are two main sources for uniform.

  1.Has all three sections uniform but is a little more expensive.
   2. The online store linked to the scout association site. If you google scout uniform you will find lots of other places too.

Where do I put the badges?
Check out the links at the bottom of the page for the section badge positions.