How can I help the Scout Group?
1. Lend a hand.
Helping the Group doesn't mean you have to become a leader. There are lots of roles for adults within scouting. Our group is looking for parents/volunteers to be involved with fundraising and for parents to help on our executive committee.
Sometimes just helping with cooking at camp or being another adult "body" at a meeting is all the time you might be able to offer.
The more adults we have helping our group then the less onerous it becomes for the people who volunteer.
The current leadership structure is:
Leader (fully trained)
Assistant Leader (fully trained)
Section assistant (regular helper but minimal training)
Parent helper (occasional helper no training)
We are grateful for any time offered no matter how infrequent or adhoc it may be.
If you think you might be able to help please have a word with your section leader.
2. Donate "stuff"
You would be amazed at the sort of things we use in our sections. String, cord, rope, bamboo poles, palettes, wheels, wood, logs, paper, card, pencils, pens, sugar, fact the list goes on and on. If you think you might have something our group could use please contact your section leader or our GSL.
New equipment is generally bought from donations or fundraising as it allows us to claim giftaid before making our purchases. Some examples on our wishlist are.............

Foam footballs are always on our list

Compasses of course!

"Tarps" for survival camps.

Firesteels for our firelighting activities.
3.Donate money
Any financial contributions over and above subscriptions are always welcome. Sometimes it is more tax efficient to donate to the group so we can buy a piece of equipment and claim back the tax via giftaid.
Our group has a mission to be inclusive regardless of race creed or financial status and any extra revenue can go towards our hardship fund to help families who struggle with their subscriptions or activity fees.
Donations can be made by electronic transfer or cheque to your section leader. Please mark the cheque "donation" or include "donation" and your surname in the reference box on the e-transfer.
Where possible we would like to claim giftaid on all donations.

4. Easyfundraising/Easysearch
By using this portal for  your internet shopping you can raise money for our group at no cost to yourself. If you haven't had a look and regularly shop online please think of us and give it a try.