What is Church Parade?

On the first Sunday of the month the Scout and Guide groups of the 5th Haywards Heath are invited to attend the 8.30 childrens mass at St Paul's Church Haywards Heath.

But what if I'm not Catholic?

Families and children from all denominations are welcome at St Pauls Catholic church. Even if you are not a regular attender or have never been in a church you are most welcome to come to the service.

When is it?

The children meet in uniform at about 8.15 inside the church on the first Sunday of the month (the parades are on the homepage calendar). Their families and siblings leave them at the back of the church and get themselves settled inside.

How long does it last?

Mass lasts approx 40 minutes.

Why is it important?

One of the fundamental parts of scouting is belief in a God. These Parades and the St Georges day and Remembrance day are a core part of our programme. Attendance at religious services counts as badgework for a couple of our badges including one of our challenge badges.

What do we do?

At 8.30 the Mass begins and Father Martin enters the church during the first Hymn. after welcoming the congregation the Scout/Guide groups are greeted at the altar and then take their reserved seats on the right of the church at the front.
If you haven't ever been to a service dont panic just go with the flow! If you let us know you might be coming we can buddy you up with another family from the Scout group.
If you normally attend Church of England services then you wont find very many differences.
The Church requests that you don't take communion unless you are Catholic/Orthodox but everyone is invited to attend for a blessing at communion and large numbers of children and adults go up for this.

Will my child be bored? What if they misbehave?

This is a childrens mass and the music and homily are adjusted accordingly.
During the homily (sermon) all the children of the congregation are invited to the front of the church and sit on the carpet to listen.
There are lots of children at this service, of all ages. The service is for the children and to celebrate the children. Babies cry, Toddlers toddle and teenagers sulk but no-one cares as it's all part of having children.

If you have never been give it a try!