Membership "Subs" are required to keep the group running and maintain the Scout Associaton Infrastructure.

Our Membership fee is currently set at £90.00 per year and includes all routine activities at the hut and where possible goes to subsidise activities away from the hut as well.

The Scout Association capitation charge is due for payment on the 1st Jan each year.  About half the membership fee  goes to the Scout Association and pays for the Scout infrastructure nationally as well as ensuring all our members are fully insured to take part in Scout activities. This outgoing in January puts a big dent in our finances and it would help the group if subs could be paid yearly in the Autumn term. We appreciate this is not always practical for some and are happy to accept payments twice yearly, per term or monthly.

Our mission is for all to be able to take part in scouting regardless of race, creed or financial circumstances. No-one should be prevented from joining the 5th Haywards Heath (St Pauls) Scout Group because they cannot afford the subscription. Please do call or see the relevant section leader if you have any concerns (Margaret, Richard or Simon ). We will find a suitable solution together.

 Yearly £90.00
 Biannual £45.00
 Per term
 Monthly £7.50 if per month all year or £10.00 per month during term time (max £30.00 per term)

Gift aid can be claimed on any money paid to us as long as you are a UK tax payer. This means when you pay your membership sub the group can claim back £22.50 to spend on the children. Please gift aid your subscriptions it makes a HUGE difference. Forms are at the bottom of this page.

E-banking is our preferred option for payment of "subs" and activity fees. It means the money goes straight to the bank and doesn't require a visit and queue to pay it in. Monthly payments of £7.50 even out our income, but you are also welcome to pay yearly or biannual if you wish.

Sort Code: 30-18-30         Account Number: 00049555


                            In the Reference box please enter your surname and either ‘Beavers’, ‘Cubs’ or ‘Scouts’.

Cheque payable to the "5th HHeath (St Pauls) scout group. Please write your childs name on the back of the cheque and whether it is for Membership or an activity. Please pass your cheque directly to your section leader. Although this create a trip to the bank for us.

Cash. If you need to pay us in cash please pass it to us in a sealed envelope with your childs name on it and whether it is for membership or an activity. There is no advantage to us recieving cash as it is untraceable. We want to know where the money has come from so we can claim gift aid on it.

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6 Oct 2009, 01:58
Simon Gankerseer,
7 Oct 2009, 02:04