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*K.O.G. is a  program of the Kennewick School District that specifically addresses the unique needs of the gifted child, from third through 5th grades. 
We are located at Ridge View Elementary 7001 West 13th Avenue
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 Principal:  Mrs. Lori Butler
3rd grade teacher:   Mrs. Amber Birge (formerly Miss Engel)
4th grade teacher:  Mrs. Michele Maxson
5th grade teacher:  Mrs. Debbie (Spence) Devine
     Irving the Wonder Cat. 
                                Class of 2008 - 2009
                               5th grade class of 2007-2008
Andrew and family in Korea for his brother's first birthday in October.
TEACHER RUN -  Chorus - Miss Cannard, music teacher
                        -  chess: - Mrs. Maxson
                        -  orchestra:  Mrs. Orr
                                           music room 7:45 a.m. every day
PARENT RUN -  Math is Cool
PARENT RUN - The First LEGO League is a robotics team challenge & competition.
KOG will pay the registration fees for the above competitions.
Not sure what to say to people who ask what the KOG program is all about?  How do you address comments from people who 'pooh-pooh' gifted and talented programs?  Ever hear someone refer to TAG programs as 'elitist'?  Check out the following website.  There is a short video on the site, made by gifted students, that puts it all into perspective. 


Dispelling Myths about Gifted Students and Gifted Education

By Tamara Fisher on April 7, 2010 10:01 AM | No Comments

Back in 1982, Gifted Child Quarterly published a special edition that focused on myths about gifted education - and the research that dispels those myths. For a look at those first articles, check out this link. It really was an important collection of works, focusing on such myths as "myth: we need to have the same scores for everyone" and "myth: there is a single curriculum for the gifted" and " myth: the gifted constitutes a single, homogenous group."

Recently, GCQ undertook the same task, tackling a series of current myths about gifted students and gifted education and providing the research that backs up why those myths are not true. Many of the myths tackled in the 2009 issue are the very same ones tackled in the 1982 issue, plus the list is expanded with timely and relevant new (actually - old) myths, such as "myth: it is fair to teach all children the same way" and "myth: classroom teachers have the time, the skill, and the will to differentiate adequately" and "myth: high-ability students don't face problems and challenges."

A great overview of some of these myths is provided at the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) website. A good overview of all of the myths is provided at this link. Perhaps you have heard others say some of these myths, or perhaps you believe them yourself. Click each myth below to access a full accounting of the statistics and research that prove them wrong:

               ...for the 2011-2012 school year.
Starting time:  8:40 a.m.
Release times:  3:00 p.m.   Wednesdays:  1:45 p.m.
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 Please stay tuned to the Parent Portal to keep up with your child's grades. Mid term grades went home Tuesday, 1/31.  Please sign and return.
Please check your child's Take Home Folder every day.  They will have their assignment sheet filled out and be prepared to share it with you.  Please initial the box under the date so that I know you did get to see it.  You can jot any notes for me there or send me an email.  We will check the assignment sheet every morning.
Cora Denton
Torey Getz
Sam Hayden
Ben Hollenberg
Elise Kapsi
Sviatlana K.
Cayden Tanasse
These students turned in every assignment in January!  They exemplify conscientiousness.
February Assignment
Students will read one of five books and work in groups of four or five.  There will be one group assgnment and one individual assignment based on the book being read.
Group presentations will be:   2/28 and 3/1
Individual assignments will be due 3/2 
January Assignment
Genre:  Classics
Two books are required from a list that students (should) have in their Take-Home Folders.
Two book reports are due:  1/18 and 1/31
              Accelerated Reader Test List
 16 Rules of Writing / Conventions
              Review of Writing Format
              Dress-Ups and Sentence Openers
              Research Reports from multiple sources
              How to present a Bibliography
Assessment rubrics
       Written report
       Oral presentation
       Poster presentation
CSMP:  Comprehensive School Math Project (University of Chicago)
Parent orientation evening:   TBD
Additional math curriculum:  Every Day Math
Individualized math:  Accelerated Math
Our first science kit will be:  Land and Water
Winter:  Ecosystems
Spring:  (NEW) Energy   (yea!) 
 KOG CALENDER (click on link)
Wacky Wednesdays will begin Sept. 22nd.  This year they will have the opportunity to rotate through three eight-week sessions of learning to create with clay with Mrs. Birge, printing with Mrs. Maxson, and computers with me.  These classes run from 12:45 - 1:35 on Wednesdays, ending March 28th.  We split the classes up so that each session has students from each grade level. 
Former KOG student, Dr. Rochelle Hinman, came to talk to our class about scientific research and the scientific method 3/10.  She emphasized the importance of keeping accurate journals.  Also, surprisingly to many (beginning) scientists she said, exceptional writing skills are imperative due to the amount of journal articles that must be written as well as grant proposals.
Rochelle's comments were supported by Kyla's dad, Mike Powell, when he talked to the class 3/16 about the importance of studying science not just for those who want a career in science, but for those who want to know more about the world around them and how it all works.  He brought his journal and also emphasized superior writing skills as something every scientist needs.
THANK YOU for taking time to spend with our class. 
Mr. Burke shared his passion for model rocketry with our Wacky Wednesday group and will return again to assist us.  Thank you! 
Bryn Erdman, a KOG alumni, was here Friday 9/25/10 (2:15) to talk to the students about recycling.  He started the recycling program at Amistad when he was with me in third grade!
      You add enrichment to our curriculum!