Welcome to Grade 5!

Attendance Matters:

ELA MCAS is April 4th and April 6th
Math MCAS April 26th and 27th
Science MCAS May 16th and 17th

Did you know that you can see your child's grade whenever you want?  Come on into the Frost Middle School and ask for your "special code" to have the ability to view up to date grades on PowerSchool.

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Family                "I belong here and I'm proud to be a Frost Falcon."
Ability                "My talent and skill will grow with my effort."
Legacy               "Once a Frostie, always a Frostie!"
Community        "We are all responsible for making our school great."
Opportunity       "I will attend. I will join. I will contribute. I will try."
Nobility              "I am polite. I am kind. I am respectful of others."
Sincerity            "I am serious about reaching my full potential."

 It is important to come to school on time and prepared daily.  Please be sure that your child is coming with the necessary supplies.

 Grade 5 Supply list:
2 small hand-held pencil sharpeners (with container)
2 packages of pencils
1 USB Drive
1 accordion folder
(for Math)
1 three subject notebook
ruler and protractor (for home use)
(for Science)
1 half-inch binder
1 package of binder separators
2 packages of loose leaf paper
1 single subject notebook
1 inch binder
2 packages of loose leaf paper
2 packages (100 each) 3x5 index cards