Roman City Life

 Forum was the main market place and business of Rome. It was where Romans traded shopped marketing and many more things.  Ancient Romans loved to talk to each other but not as much as Greeks. People thronging would usually get a gift to the temple. Forums were also used for ceremonies and festivals.
 Forum was very busy.


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    Romans bathed before shopping . Men took longer showers then women. Public baths were popular in Rome. Men and women took at least one shower a day.

    The Romans took warm and cold showers.  slaves had to wait to take there baths  


  Even poor people could enjoy spectacles. Admission was free for spectacles. The Romans enjoyed many kinds of entertainment. All plays were performed in open air theater. Theaters could hold over 7,000.
   Every day in Rome they had festivals and events. Some events were scheduled at day and night. Poor people could not go at night to spectacles because they could not light there way home. Wealthy Romans invited friends to spectacles.