Post-meeting excursion (NO places left; new registrations will go to the reserve)

A six days post-meeting excursion will take just after the conference, from 15th (Monday) to 20th (Saturday) of May.

We expect to travel about 2,500 km along the western part of the country and to
cover very distinct ecosystems, from the High Atlas and the Anti-Atlas Mountains to the vicinity of the lower Drâa valley.

We have reached a maximum of 25 participants. New inscriptions will be considered in case of participants desist.

Post-meeting excursion route

Day 1 (15/5/2017):
Tetouan-Marrakesh. Visiting Mamora forest (V. latastei) and Ben Guerir region (D. mauritanica)

Day 2 (16/5/2017): Marrakesh-TaroudantVisiting Toubkal National Park (V. monticola) and Tizi n' Test (D. mauritanica)

Day 3 (17/5/2017): Taroudant-Bou Jeriff. Stops in water cisterns (D. mauritanica) and nocturnal sampling (D. mauritanicaC. cerastes and B. arietans)

Day 4 (18/5/2017): Bou Jeriff. Visiting lower Drâa surroundings (D. mauritanica, C. cerastes and B. arietans)

Day 5 (19/5/2017): Bou Jeriff-Marrakesh. Return (several stops)

Day 6 (20/5/2017): Marrakesh-Tetouan. Return (several stops)

Our targets will be four viper species and their habitats:

                   Atlas dwarf viper                        Moorish viper                            Puff adder                        Desert horned viper
           (Vipera latastei-monticola)
         (Daboia mauritanica)                   (Bitis arietans)                     (Cerastes cerastes)

         V. latastei-monticola habitat        D. mauritanica habitat                B. arietans habitat                 C. cerastes habitat

We plan to visit several water cisterns that represent an ecological trap for amphibians and reptiles. These visits will be coordinated by researchers that are currently studying their impact and how to solve it.
                                              Water cistern                                                   C. cerastes trapped inside a water cistern

We also plan to meet an Aisaoua (traditional brotherhood of snake hunters) for a journey and gain some knowledge on the conservation status of snakes Morocco.
    Mr. Abaloul Mbarek, Aisaoua (snake hunter)                                      Sampling with an Aisaoua