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Kiwi Hotel Collection

kiwi hotel collection
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kiwi hotel collection - Overnight Sensations
Overnight Sensations Europe Middle East Africa
Overnight Sensations Europe Middle East Africa
Take a deep breath and indulge yourself in a favourite memory. Did you feel your mood lighten? Did you smile? Did the tension in your shoulders release for a moment? It s not surprising. After all, that memory probably represents a wonderful experience in your life. And those feelings are what have been captured in this book. But we've done more than create a beautiful coffee table book, we've crafted an anthology of unforgettable experiences that only the world s finest destinations can provide. Divided into five chapters: countryside, desert, city, mountain, and coastal, Overnight Sensations Europe Middle East Africa is a showcase of exquisite places to stay ranging from the quaintest inns to the most exclusive holiday resorts imaginable. Every one of these magnificent destinations has been thoroughly researched, scrutinized, and evaluated by our team before it is invited to become a part of the Kiwi Collection. Far less than one percent of all places to stay in the world are ever considered. Even fewer are invited. At Kiwi Collection we describe our passion for travel as one might for fine cuisine, fine wine, fine art and architecture. In fact, through years of travel we have come to understand that, done well, the business of overnight hospitality is in fact a delicate fusion of all four disciplines. And, to us the creation of an exquisite travel destination and the experience such a property can provide is a masterwork in its own right. Like any connoisseur with an obsession for the exceptional, we love to share what we have learned with our friends, our families, and other travelers with a palette for travelling that is as mature as our own. And when you take the time to enjoy this publication in concert with our website, you will discover what many of the most discriminating travelers in the world already know Kiwi Collection is the premier source of intimate and unbiased information and insight into the most exquisite places to stay on the planet regardless of size or affiliation. Whether these pages are portraits of places you have stayed in the past or portals into the holidays of your wildest dreams, one thing is certain: every travel destination brought to life on these pages is without question a masterpiece.

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“Best part of Marrakech, STAY HERE- YOU WILL LOVE IT” We arrived with average expectations that you would have traveling around this area but was blown away! - This place is fantastic - if you stay elsewhere you are missing out! Finding the place is a little confusing - but once you work it out you will be so glad to stay here, we met up with a lot of other travellers who were quite jealous of just how great our place was- a home away from home. It is a 10 min stroll to the main square and a very safe area, the staff are the best and made our stay. We had the Dinner - ate like kings, their breakfast was great too - just like you would have at home on a summers day at home without the deadlines they even put on some Kiwi Tunes for us making us feel at home. The staff made us feel very happy with Marrakech ensuring we would have a good time and safe. FYI - depending on the time you go the evenings can be cold - their AC is great for both heat and cool, just remember to ensure the 'sun' is showing on the remote if you want warmth or you will have a chilly night sleep - takes about 5 mins for the heat to come through... Only downside was having to leave - Thank-you!!
Happy Birthday 2
Happy Birthday 2
I made this for my Aunt's birthday. The greeting goes up in the top. It's all Re-ment: Flowers: Pure Flower #2 White pedestal, melon slices, pitcher of OJ: Hotel Buffet #6 Bananas, orange slices, strawberries, kiwis: European Gourmet Secret Set Champagne flutes: Dreamy Tableware/Tea Time Collection #9 Happy Birthday cake: Little Sweets Cake Shop #12 Blue pedestal: Bread & Butter #8 (thanks, bienemaya!) Fuchsia plates: Bread & Butter #9 Forks: Uttori Sweets #4

kiwi hotel collection
kiwi hotel collection
Overnight Sensations: The Americas
From the quaintest inns to trend-setting hotels, from high-end ranches and lodges to the most luxurious of resorts whatever the size, whatever the affiliation Kiwi Collection features only the best places to stay. Whether on business, a family vacation, or and escape for a romantic getaway, discriminating travelers can rest assured that when they choose a property recommended by Kiwi Collection, they have found not only a destination that suits their lifestyle but also a masterpiece in the fine art of overnight hospitality.