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Romantic Vermont Bed And Breakfast

romantic vermont bed and breakfast
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  • A state in the northeastern US, on the border with Canada, one of the six New England States; pop. 608,827; capital, Montpelier; statehood, Mar. 4, 1791 (14). Explored and settled by the French during the 1600s and 1700s, it became an independent republic in 1777 until it was admitted as a US state
  • a state in New England
  • Vermont is a state in the New England region of the northeastern United States of America. The state ranks 43rd by land area, , and 45th by total area. It has a population of 621,270, making it the second least-populated state.
  • The Vermont was the first automobile to cross the United States. It traveled from San Francisco, California to Manhattan, New York. It was a 1903 Winton. The crew was owner Horatio Nelson Jackson, mechanic Sewall K. Crocker and their mascot Bud, a bulldog purchased for $15 in Caldwell, Idaho.
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romantic vermont bed and breakfast - Here Comes
Here Comes Trouble
Here Comes Trouble
A child of Vegas, Brett Hennessey knows about luck - especially the bad kind. But when this poker superstar hops on his Harley to outrun Lady Misfortune and ends up at a pretty B&B run by an even prettier proprietor, he can't help thinking he's stumbled onto a winning streak...Sure, Kirby Farrell's new B&B ski lodge opened to the warmest winter in Vermont memory, but fate brought her a bad boy on a hot bike and settled him into her best room. She's still broke, but the view across the breakfast table has definitely improved...Only now Brett's past has finally caught up to him. He has two choices: run again - and lose the best hand fortune's dealt him yet. Or stay and risk everything for something he never thought would come his way.

89% (12)
Romantic Flame
Romantic Flame
Romantic still life shot * It made it to explore and the best was 188 ,, not bad for a first apearance for me :D
Romantic couple
Romantic couple
Romantic couple in front of the Seebar in Kiel

romantic vermont bed and breakfast
romantic vermont bed and breakfast
Best Places to Stay: New England: Bed & Breakfasts, Country Inns, and Other Recommended Getaways -- Eighth Edition
For long weekends, romantic getaways, and family vacations, the BEST PLACES TO STAY series describes an array of distinctive accommodations for discriminating travelers. The authors personally visit and evaluate each establishment, compiling accurate, reliable, up-to-date, and unbiased information for anyone who insists on nothing but the best. Country Inns; Bed & Breakfasts; Lodges, Spas; Resorts; Romantic Hideaways; Guest Farms; Grand Old Resorts. Describes more than 350 accommodation choices in Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

New England is a remarkably compact region of the country, yet even within those six tightly knit states there's an incredible amount of diversity and variety of terrain, scenery, and atmosphere. Therefore, in planning a vacation getaway, location is usually the first priority, and accommodations are the next, since where you stay provides the flavor and tone that colors your trip, and it will be the hub from which you branch out and explore. In fact, depending on the sort of holiday you have in mind, where you lodge may assume prime importance, because a charming country bed-and-breakfast or village inn can become the destination itself. So for a weekend ramble, a romantic tryst, a family reunion, ski-lodge experience, a spa splurge, business excursion, island escape, bed-and-breakfast retreat, or resort indulgence, what you chiefly need is a guide to lodgings, and that's what Christina Tree and Kimberly Grant provide. They visited and tirelessly researched more than 1,000 accommodations across New England, and from that vast pool selected 350 places to stay that appeal to various tastes, preferences, and budgets. There's the Whalewalk Inn on Cape Cod, a tranquil and romantic retreat on 3.5 acres of an isolated 1830s estate. In Sugar Hill, New Hampshire, is Sunset Hill House--a country inn atop a 1,700-foot ridge in the White Mountains, with full country breakfasts, mountain-range views, fireplaces, a luxurious pool and golf/ski facilities, plus hiking, biking, or horse-drawn sleigh rides, depending on the season. Or there's Quisisana in Center Lovell, Maine, a resort for music lovers with one-, two-, and three-bedroom cottages on one of Maine's deepest lakes. Founded in 1917 as a place where musicians could play together for their own entertainment, the 47-acre compound features more than 70 conservatory students who cook and serve food by day, and perform chamber music, operas, and concert arias by night. Browsing through Best Places to Stay is a pleasure, surpassed only by the actual vacation it may launch. --Stephanie Gold