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Victoria Hotel In Rome

victoria hotel in rome
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Mentone Springs Hotel
Mentone Springs Hotel
The Mentone Springs Hotel was built in 1884 by Dr. Frank Caldwell from Pennsylvania. The physician was living in the home of John Mason, who had come from Iowa a decade earlier. When the hotel was finished but still lacking a name, Mason’s daughter, Alice, told of reading accounts of Queen Victoria’s visit to a place called Mentone in France. The news item had given the meaning of Mentone as "a musical mountain spring." She suggested that the same name be given to this spot where a rippling mountain spring flowed. Dr. Caldwell liked the idea and named his new Inn the Mentone Springs Hotel. The Mentone Springs resort was widely advertised as one of the most healthful and attractive spots in the south during the season from June to October. Recreation available at the resort included swimming and fishing in the river. Tennis, bowling, croquet, billiards, box golf, dancing and a playground for children were all provided for guests. In addition, two springs on the hotel grounds, called Mineral Springs and Beauty Springs were believed to have strengthening and curative properties. Beauty Springs was reached by means of a shaded pathway, which led along the brink of the mountain for a distance of about 200 yards. Nearby Mineral Springs, sometimes called Loring Springs, was sheltered by a two-story pavilion overlooking Wills Valley, two thousand feet below. Between 1918 and 1920 the property was sold several times and unfortunately, the effects of the depression made it impossible for the owners to maintain the hotel in a satisfactory condition to accommodate such large crowds. The Baptist assembly in 1931 was the last to meet at Mentone. The Mentone Springs Company leased the hotel to several different operators, none of which was able to achieve much success during this period and the hotel closed for several years. It was purchased July 4, 1950 by Ben Hammond of Rome, Georgia and opened to the public once again. The Mentone Springs Hotel, Bed & Breakfast and Caldwell’s Restaurant is now owned and operated by Andy Talton who has worked hard in returning the Grand Ol’ Lady back to her glory days. He and members of his staff invite all to come and rest on the front porch; to enjoy her beauty and tradition. The Mentone Springs Hotel is on the National Register of Historical Places and is the oldest hotel in the state of Alabama.
IMG 2722
IMG 2722
Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong (Chinese: ????????) is a five-star hotel, located on Connaught Road in Central, Hong Kong, owned and managed by Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group. The hotel opened its doors in 1963 as “The Mandarin,” and quickly drew recognition for its service and elegance. In 1967, after four years of operation, The Mandarin was listed by Fortune magazine alongside the Ritz in Paris, the Grand in Rome and the Connaught in London as one of the eleven great hotels in the world. In 2005, the hotel spent USD 150 million to renovate its 501 guestrooms, 10 restaurants, and numerous public spaces, as well as to construct the three-story Mandarin Spa, one of only three Forbes Five-Star spas in Hong Kong The hotel contains 501 guestrooms, of which 67 are suites, overlooking Victoria Harbour and the surrounding cityscape. Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong operates ten restaurants and bars, including the Michelin-starred Pierre, Chef Pierre Gagnaire’s first restaurant in Hong Kong. Additional facilities include the three-story Mandarin Spa, indoor swimming pool, fitness center, Mandarin Salon and event space to accommodate functions of up to 600 people.

victoria hotel in rome
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