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The James Hotel

the james hotel
  • The name of two kings of England
  • James II (1633–1701), king of England, Ireland, and Scotland (1685–88). The son of Charles I, he escaped to the Continent in 1648 and returned to England at the Restoration in 1660. He became king on the death of his brother Charles II in 1685, but his conversion to Catholicism made him extremely unpopular. William of Orange and his wife, Mary, James's daughter, were invited to England by Whig and Tory leaders in 1688, and James was allowed to escape to France
  • a Stuart king of Scotland who married a daughter of Henry VII; when England and France went to war in 1513 he invaded England and died in defeat at Flodden (1473-1513)
  • the last Stuart to be king of England and Ireland and Scotland; overthrown in 1688 (1633-1701)
  • United States outlaw who fought as a Confederate soldier and later led a band of outlaws that robbed trains and banks in the West until he was murdered by a member of his own gang (1847-1882)
  • James I (1566–1625), king of England and Ireland 1603–25; as James VI king of Scotland (1567–1625). He was the son of Mary Stuart and the father of Charles I. A major accomplishment during his reign was the translation of the King James Bible (1611)
  • A code word representing the letter H, used in radio communication
  • In French contexts an hotel particulier is an urban "private house" of a grand sort. Whereas an ordinary maison was built as part of a row, sharing party walls with the houses on either side and directly fronting on a street, an hotel particulier was often free-standing, and by the eighteenth
  • An establishment providing accommodations, meals, and other services for travelers and tourists
  • a building where travelers can pay for lodging and meals and other services
  • A hotel is an establishment that provides paid lodging on a short-term basis. The provision of basic accommodation, in times past, consisting only of a room with a bed, a cupboard, a small table and a washstand has largely been replaced by rooms with modern facilities, including en-suite
the james hotel - Hotel Front
Hotel Front Office Management
Hotel Front Office Management
Hotel Front Office Management uses a human resources approach to cover the unique management and operational challenges in the front offices of today's hotels and lodging facilities. This Fifth Edition continues its emphasis on applying theory and management strategies, as well as providing updated material on select-service hotel front office operation. It addresses the impact of the recession on the hotel business and discusses the impact of social media and guestroom technology on the hotel business and how the Internet is the single most important travel planning and distribution channel in hospitality. There is also new and updated information on environmental and sustainability issues, particularly as it relates to housekeeping topics.

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St James Hotel, Santa Fe Trail
St James Hotel, Santa Fe Trail
Historic St James Hotel in Town of Cimarron on Santa Fe Trail. Much of the hotel's legend is built around stories of the "Gentleman Gunfighter" Clay Allison. The bar still retains bullet holes in the ceiling and there are placques in the lobby commemorating the men killed by Clay Allison. You can rent a room that was once occupied by Jesse James.
St. James Hotel - Cimarron, NM
St. James Hotel - Cimarron, NM
The haunted St. James Hotel - historical gathering of the famous and infamous of the true Old West of the U>s> Road Trip within a vacation from Trinidad, CO to Taos NM and back with my sister Toni

the james hotel
the james hotel
The Ritz Hotel London
A beautiful photo history of one of the most luxurious and beautiful hotels in the world.
Cesar Ritz invented the modern luxury hotel. The palace hotels he created in London and Paris brought new standards of architectural elegance and comfort to grand hotels and were followed by the Ritz Hotels in Madrid and Lisbon and the Ritz-Carltons in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Montreal. The London Ritz was designed by the architectural firm of Mewas & Davis, who introduced French elegance into English interior design. They decided that the whole hotel should be one style--that of Louis XVI, the ravishingly pretty fashion of the eighteenth century that is forever associated with Marie-Antoinette. From the start, the intention was to create an air of intimacy, the feeling of a French nobleman's residence permanently en fete. Ritz himself abhorred large hotel lobbies, and the architects created the illusion of grandeur with a gallery running the length of the hotel in which guests could promenade or sit in comfort at any point and be served. In this splendid, beautifully illustrated book, the intriguing history of the London Ritz is traced from its opening in 1906 to the recent extensive refurbishment under new ownership. Here are anecdotes about its most famous visitors, accounts of its important events, and profiles of the people responsible for giving it such an enduring reputation. The resulting volume will delight not only those lucky enough to have enjoyed firsthand the unique pleasures of the Ritz, but everyone who has a feeling for London, luxurious living, and the attraction of unsurpassed quality. Full-color photographs throughout