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Mount Buller Accommodation

mount buller accommodation
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    mount buller
  • Mount Buller is a town in Victoria, Australia from Melbourne on the slopes of Mount Buller (elevation 1805 metres AHD). Primarily a resort town, Mount Buller is popular with snowsports enthusiasts in winter due to its close location to Melbourne.
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Travels of Thelonious (Fog Mound)
Travels of Thelonious (Fog Mound)
In a world of talking animals, there is one burning question: Did humans ever exist? Thelonious Chipmunk believes he has proof that they did: a postcard showing a building made of concrete and glass. But his sister thinks the postcard's just a dumb piece of paper, and that humans are only make-believe.
Then one day a flash flood carries Thelonious away. When he comes to, he's in a strange world that looks something like his postcard, but not quite. Then he realizes that this is the city on his postcard, only crumbling and decaying. But if this means humans did exist, where did they go? Thelonious, along with some new friends, sets off to find out.
And thus, the adventure begins!

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Burke Street Mount Buller
Burke Street Mount Buller
The ski area around the town has a network of 25 lifts, capable of moving more than 40,000 people per hour - the highest capacity in Victoria. The highest lifted point is 1780 m at Grimus Chairlift and the base altitude is 1375 m at the Chalet Creek loading station on the Horse Hill chairlift / gondola. The lifts are owned by Groset, a part of the Grollo group of companies. A Mount Buller Post Office opened on 17 February 1958. Before 1984 Mount Buller was serviced by two lift companies that involved the skier needing to purchase two lift tickets to ski the whole mountain. In 1985, the two lift companies merged, allowing skiers to ski the whole mountain with one ticket. Today, Mount Buller is serviced by 24 lifts covering a wide range of terrain. In 1993, with an increasing number of visitors, the ski resort built a new quad chairlift called Wombat Lift on the skiers right of Little Buller spur to relieve the traffic on Federation triple chairlift. 2005 saw the addition of the Emirates quad chairlift to the lift network. A new six-seater chairlift — the Holden Express — was installed over the 2007/08 summer and is operational for 2008. This addition saw the decommissioning of one of the oldest chairs of the mountain — the Abom (previously known as Helicopter), along with Blue Bullet A list of every ski tow to ever operate at Mount Buller can be found at
Mount Buller 07-20
Mount Buller 07-20
Early winter at Mount Buller. Lots of Fire damage everywhere. Others thought it photo worthy, I tried to avoid it.

mount buller accommodation