Luxor Hotel Rate

luxor hotel rate
    luxor hotel
  • Hotel stayed at by Gaal Dornick after he arrived on Trantor. Place where he first met Hari Seldon.
  • The Luxor Las Vegas is a hotel and casino located on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada. Ground was broken for the Luxor in 1991, that same year construction began on the Treasure Island.
  • The Luxor Hotel (New York City) was built by the D.P.R. Construction Company and opened in February 1925. The establishment is located at 121 - 127 West 46th Street in Manhattan (New York). Built for $1,250,000, the structure has eighty-four guest rooms with a large bath establishment.
  • Assess the value of (a property) for the purpose of levying a local tax
  • Assign a standard, optimal, or limiting rating to (a piece of equipment)
  • amount of a charge or payment relative to some basis; "a 10-minute phone call at that rate would cost $5"
  • a magnitude or frequency relative to a time unit; "they traveled at a rate of 55 miles per hour"; "the rate of change was faster than expected"
  • assign a rank or rating to; "how would you rank these students?"; "The restaurant is rated highly in the food guide"
  • Assign a standard or value to (something) according to a particular scale

The Luxor
The Luxor
The Luxor is among the most recognizable hotels on the strip because of its striking design. Designed by renowned hotel architect Veldon Simpson, the main portion of the hotel is a 350-foot-high (106 meters), 30-story pyramid of black glass (in comparison, the Great Pyramid of Giza tops out at 450 ft, or 137 m). The hotel is marked by a large obelisk with the name of the property in lighted letters, while the porte-cochere travels underneath a massive recreation of the Great Sphinx of Giza. The tip of the pyramid contains a fixed-position spotlight that points directly upward – it is the brightest beam in the world, and is visible from anywhere in the Las Vegas valley at night, and can be seen at flight level from above Los Angeles, California, over 275 miles (440 km) away. In the spring, the bright light attracts huge numbers of moths into the light beam, creating a phenomenon that has been likened to snow. The beam is currently powered by 39 Xenon lamps operating at 7 kilowatts each at an hourly operating cost of $53 (lamps, repairs, and electricity costs). The beam's output is rated at 41.5 gigacandela. Ironically, because the desert air is so clean and dry there is little to deflect the light, the beam's true brightness is lost to all observers except for unfortunate airline pilots flying overhead.
Foragers in Egypt
Foragers in Egypt
Sign on the back of the hotel door. It's trying to explain the rates, but I don't quite get it. After my time in Cairo trying to avoid being taken advantage of all the time, and I saw this and thought: "That's what I feel like: a forager in Egypt!" Little did I know what Luxor held in store... P.S. The hotel was the New Pola, which I highly recommend.

luxor hotel rate