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Hotel Games For Girls Online

hotel games for girls online
    hotel games
  • (Hotel (game)) Hotel is a dimensional real estate game created by Milton Bradley in 1986. It is similar to Square Mile and Prize Property. In Hotel the players are building resort hotels and attempting to drive their competitors into bankruptcy.
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hotel games for girls online - LEGO® Creator
LEGO® Creator Beach House (4996)
LEGO® Creator Beach House (4996)
Need to get away? Relax in your very own beach house! This colorful building is packed with fun and realistic details, from the big sunlit windows to the barbecue and umbrella. Includes instructions for rebuilding into a cozy cafe or towering apartment building. The second floor lifts off to see stairs and fireplace on the first floor. There's even a balcony and a skylight that opens. Outside sits a patio with table, umbrella and chairs, and even a barbecue grill with chicken. Realistic details include a mailbox, doorbell, flowers, walkway, light fixtures, chimney, tree and lots of windows. Beach House stands over 6" high and includes a 5" x 10" baseplate. 522 pieces.

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16 Things
16 Things
Kiwikiss tagged me to do "16 things you don't know about me" So here you go! 1. I worry about Global Catastrophes like tsunamis, drought, flood, earthquakes, volcanoes, that kind of danger. I always keep bottled water on hand and I plan my emergency kit. Part of it stems from going through Hurricane Charlie years ago and how I hadn't been prepared, part of it comes from watching too many "end of civilization" type movies and alot just being a mom and scared for my kids future. 2. I hate berry flavored and actual berries Strawberry, Blueberry, Rasberry, etc.. bleh. Though the older I get the more I like Strawberry so it may come off the list. I LOVE Cherry though. 3. I collect Coffee Mugs I like Coffee and I like dishes. Combine them and I like Coffee mugs, the more unusual the better. I have a "Bates Motel" one, a "Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast" one, "Ferrymeade Railway" etc..They please me. 4. I hate people who pretend to be someone they aren't on the internet, which also ties into I am aggravated by "Weeaboos" people who are obsessed with Japan If I talk to someone online who I think isn't who they are, I will go to great lengths to point out the holes in their fake stories. I have met many girls online lately who claim they "live" in Japan or were born there and when I mention I lived there they suddenly clam up or can't tell me any real information. For instance, I had a girl tell me she was born in Japan. However, she doesn't remember where. Wouldn't you remember where you were born?? Or they say "Oh I love Tokyo, I lived there for years" oh yes I say, what part? "oh you know..Harajuku (they always know Harajuku) They mail me on myspace and tell me how they wish they had my life. Man, I could tell you stories.....Taka thinks it's mean of me to do that because they must enjoy their fantasy life so he thinks I should let them be. I can't help it though! 5. One of my favorite movies is "Witness You know the one where Harrison Ford goes to Amish land and investigates a murder? ya that one. I don't know why, but I could watch it a million times. 6. At one time I wanted to be a truck driver The freedom of the open road, I like driving, I like to be alone....many reasons. I even went to the school interview and was accepted. Then this one time I had to drive a huge U-Haul Van and almost had a panic attack. Truck Driving ain't for me. lol 7. I have a terrible, terrible memory What was I saying? I probably even told you that before. Who knows? I don't remember! 8. I love staying in hotels and motels I love the adventure of it, the lazy way I don't have to do anything, the excitement of opening the door and wondering what your room will look like, exploring, greeting people in the elevator, wondering if the restaurant is any good, waking up in surprise when a freight train goes by. 9. I have a motorcycle license I am a Wild One. 10. I am not girly I don't wear too many dresses, I rarely get manicures, don't wear heels, I don't like the mall, I don't like gossip magazines, etc...whatever that counts as girly pretty much doesn't apply to me. I would rather read comics, play video games and watch scary movies. On the other hand, Meggy is reallllllly girly. Loves Pink and Purple and frilly dresses and all that. The universe has a strange sense of humor. 11. I want to visit a "Ghost Town Abandoned towns fascinate me. I would love to visit Waiuta, on the west coast of New Zealand for instance. It is so interesting that a whole town can just be abandoned. Does a whole town one day say "Hey, let's all move somewhere else" 12. I love to "Google" I spend alot of time "googling" things because I simply want to know. I could google for hours. 13. I am a history buff I am very interested in history. How people lived, What they believed, Why was it always black and white in the past (just kidding) I have been on a BBC kick lately. Watching the "Last Days of Pompeii" and "The Last Days of Krakatoa" (see number one in things about me lol) 14. I am a speed reader I can read several books in a day if I want to. It makes it hard to keep books around that I haven't read yet. One thing that helps is my bad memory so frequently as I read so much I can go back and read favorite books again and again as I will have forgotten "who dunnit" 15. I love Pizza If that was my only meal every day all day I could live with that. 16. I have never had a professional massage I would love to someday. Hope that's enough esoteric facts about me for you!
IMG 0311e
IMG 0311e
The Pioneer Saloon built in 1913, by prominent business man George Fayle, will charm and envelope you with its intriguing past. As you cross the threshold from the present to the past, leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas Strip you will quickly come to appreciate this historical landmark. The interior and exterior walls are of stamped tin and manufactured by Sears and Roebuck. It is thought to be one of the last, if not the last of its kind in the United States. The legendary bar installed in 1913 was manufactured by the Brunswick Company in Maine in the 1860’s. As you belly up to wet your whistle you will rest your foot on the original brass foot rail installed when the bar was built. Many movies have been filmed here but the genuine stories of the Pioneer Saloon do not live in the lines of a movie script but in the echoes of the past. The famous screen legend, Clark Gable, waited for three days at the bar for word on his wife of less than two years Carole Lombard. She was lost in a plane crash near Mount Potosi. You will be able to read this tragic story on an original newspaper and see a piece of the actual wreckage. At one time the saloon was next to a hotel that not only served as a comfortable rest place for the many prospectors and miners in the west… it also served as a place where street girls would frequent with their clients. The hotel is gone now after a severe fire left only ashes to remember. The many tales from the bar along with bullet holes, the pot bellied stove and the paper clippings are just a few of the things that will keep you immersed in the exciting era of the old Wild West. On July 3rd 1915, at the Pioneer Saloon during a poker game, a man named Paul Coski was caught cheating and during a scuffle between him and another man named Joe Armstrong, Mr. Coski was shot several times and killed. The bullet holes are still in one of the pressed tin walls of the Pioneer Saloon. The full story typed out by W. H. Harkins is found hanging on the wall above the bullet holes. Mr. Harkins was a coroner working at the Justice Of The Peace office in Las Vegas and the story on the wall was actually the telegram sent over to Paul Coski’s brother Davis Coski. Below you can see the story as told by former long time family owner of the Pioneer Saloon Don Hendrix. This is just one of many of the stories that can be heard at the Pioneer Saloon. A copy of the coroners report is available in the online store or at the Goodsprings General Store located next to the Pioneer Saloon.

hotel games for girls online
hotel games for girls online
Hasbro Biggest Littlest Pet Shop Playset
The Biggest Littlest Pet Shop playset offers the ultimate playing and shopping experience. Kids can turn a wheel to walk their pets or ride them through the three-level spinning tower. Once the pets finish "playing," kids can bring them to the treat center, which drops down special food pieces. And when playtime is over, the pets can take a nap in their very own pet hammock.
Playset comes with two exclusive pets, including one "push 'n play" pet that does a trick when your press on its head. Plus, it's easy to tote, so girls can carry and display their Littlest Pet Shop collection anywhere!

Designed for the popular Littlest Pet Shop collectible animals, this deluxe pet-house provides the bobble-headed pals with a combined living and working space. The first floor is a pet store that kids can outfit with the included accessories: a treat dispenser packed with bones, cookies, and carrots; bags and cans of various pet foods; pet beds and toys; a leash; a telephone; and shopping bags. The top two floors have plenty of room for the two included exclusive pets (a guinea pig and a Siamese cat who licks her paw when kids push down on her head), plus many others in the collection. The coolest features on the house are the rotating exercise wheel and the three-tiered tower in the center, which spins after winding the sign and pushing the paw print button. When the tower is spinning, pets sitting in the clamshell on the top tier or the bathtub in the middle tier bob up and down while pets on the first floor appear to be chasing a mouse around and around. All pets are fitted with a magnet in one foot that, when aligned over paw prints in the tower, roots them to the playset. When play is done, the pet-house folds closed for storage. --Cristina Vaamonde