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Hotels In Key West On The Beach

hotels in key west on the beach
    key west
  • A city in southern Florida, on Key West Island, at the southern tip of the Florida Keys; pop. 24,832. It is the southernmost city in the continental U.S
  • a town on the westernmost of the Florida keys in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Key West was a short-lived 1993 hour long comedy-drama television series set in Key West, Florida. Thirteen episodes aired on Fox between January and June 1993. It was created by David Beaird and Allan Marcil.
  • Key West is a city in Monroe County, Florida, United States. The city encompasses the island of Key West, the part of Stock Island north of U.S.
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  • A pebbly or sandy shore, esp. by the ocean between high- and low-water marks
  • land on a beach; "the ship beached near the port"
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Key West Railway 1921-1935
Key West Railway 1921-1935
The Florida Keys are a strange piece of America, stretching 128 miles, from Homestead and Florida City to Key West. The idea of a road from the mainland out to Key West arose before the automobile was any kind of major force in America. Writer T. A. Heppenheimer tells how it was first the brainchild of an aggressive developer, Henry Flagler, partner of John D. Rockefeller. In the late nineteenth century, Flagler began building his way south through Florida. He built hotels, and a railroad line to serve them. When he reached the tiny village of Palm Beach, he built a 540-room luxury hotel. Palm Beach was never the same. He built a hotel on the Miami River and the city of Miami grew up around it. When he ran out of mainland, Key West beckoned him off into the Gulf. In 1905, 75-year-old Flagler asked if a rail-road could be built along the Keys. His general manager said it could, and Flagler replied, "Very well, then. Go to Key West." The Florida penal system was then using prisoners as forced labor. The 1911 Encyclop?dia Britannica devotes a whole section to that system. These workers could be had for two-and-a-half dollars a month, but there weren't enough of them. When Flagler offered $1.25 a day to laborers from New York, bums turned up. Then, he found that local black laborers made a far superior work force. And so the railroad headed out into the gulf. Many of the Keys were worthless coral or saline swamps. No fresh water -- it had to be brought in by boat. New means for pouring concrete below the surface of the sea had to be invented. The workers had to weather hurricanes and cover vast stretches of open water. The Seven-Mile Bridge section was the longest bridge ever built. Finally, at a cost of twenty-seven million, turn-of-the-century dollars -- and two hundred lives -- the railway was finished. That old Britannica shows it complete, although work was still going on. In 1912, Flagler -- now 82 years old and blind -- rode his private railway car all the way to Key West. Flagler was a formative agent in America's gaudy Gilded Age. And he helped to shape the Florida we know. Yet his railroad was not destined to survive the Great Depression. It was already in trouble in 1935. Then a terrible Hurricane struck it, killing three hundred people along the Keys, and stopping rail traffic. After the hurricane, the company abandoned that part of the line. But state highway planners took it over. They used its superb system of viaducts and bridges to complete a highway to Key West, in 1938. Now that road over scattered islands and open water is studded with hotels. *Above Information courtesy...T. A. Heppenheimer, The Railroad That Went to Sea. Invention & Technology, Vol. 19, No. 4, Spring 2004, pp. 54-62, and cover. ******************************************************************** But make sure you gas tank is full...and you have something cool to drink...128 miles is a long way...but on a day like this one, it's easy to not really care.
Sunset Key near Key West
Sunset Key near Key West
This was taken near the Latitudes Beach Cafe on Sunset Key, which is accessible by boat from Key West, Florida, USA. We took a ferry from Key West to the dock in the left of the photo. It's about a 10-minute ride. The cafe and nearby cottages are run by the Westin Hotel, and dinner was fabulous. It features outdoor tables on the beach, and impeccable service, plus a gorgeous view. The creme brulee is to die for (and I should have taken a photo of it too). IMG_7655

hotels in key west on the beach
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