5 Star Cruise ships

Independence of the Sea -Image gallery

This giant 160,000 tonne yacht will function all through the year on the high seas. Valued at $793 million (Euros 508 million), this Royal Caribbean cruise ship was constructed in the Aker Finnyards dry dock in Turku, Finland and is the dual biggest sail liner together with her sister ships Freedom of the Seas and Liberty of the Seas. It draws contrast with the Titanic in terms of her giantly size by being 230ft longer than the Titantic


Freedom of the Seas - Image gallery

Based on her 160,000-ton immensity, this ship outstrips Cunard's still-new QM2 for this superlative. Freedom of the Seas represents an evolutionary - not a revolutionary - change in shipbuilding. Onboard the Freedom are the line's now-famous, big-ship hallmarks: ice-skating rink, rock-climbing wall (bigger than ever), "Main Street" shopping promenade and inline skating track.


Oasis of the Seas - Image gallery

Oasis measures 225,282 gross tons. Her displacement - the actual weight of the vessel - is estimated at approximately 100,000 tons, about the same as that of a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, and about twice as much as the Titanic, of 52,000 tons. To keep the ship stable without increasing the draft excessively, the designers created a wide hull. About 30 feet of the ship sits beneath the water, a small percentage of the ship's overall height. Wide, shallow ships such as this tend to be "snappy", meaning that they can snap back upright after a wave has passed, which can potentially be uncomfortable.


Liberty of the Seas - Image gallery

Liberty of the Seas features extensive sports facilities including the FlowRider onboard wave generator for surfing, an interactive "H20 Zone" water play area for children, a full-sized volleyball / basketball court, an ice skating rink, a boxing ring, and a large fitness center.Other amenities include two whirlpools that are cantilevered and project out from the sides of the ship to provide unimpeded views of the sea below, Wi-Fi and cell phone connectivity throughout the ship, a modular conference center for business meetings, and flat screen televisions in all staterooms.


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