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Fun And Cool Cooking Games

fun and cool cooking games
    cool cooking
  • (Cool Cooks) the fine folks that cook with MTG products.  People with great taste.
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Day 43--What shall I cook for dinner?
Day 43--What shall I cook for dinner?
Coming up with new and interesting ideas is always a challenge. But I love it. If I had copious amounts of time I would devote a good portion of the evening to cooking a great meal and sharing it with family and friends. Ah well, I'll settle for a something quick and easy today (tri-tip, green beans, salad) and this weekend I'll be adventurous: Oaxacan chicken! The day was nice enough--spent some time with my sis--we had some amazing Turkish coffee, went to Target, and talked about our late father (always an interesting subject).
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fun and cool cooking games
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