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Cooking Mama 2 Dinner

cooking mama 2 dinner
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Needle Felted Gnome MOUSE 3-1/2" Nutmeg By Barby Anderson / Gnome family by Helen Priem
Needle Felted Gnome MOUSE 3-1/2" Nutmeg By Barby Anderson / Gnome family by Helen Priem
The Gnomes made it to Rodanta and even found a forest mouse named Nutmeg! This is the story and normally it would be under captions on my listing but you can look at all the photos and put the story together. =) Everyone in the forest and the wee mouse village of "Rodanta" knew someone special would arrive in the forest today.... "They're here! They're here" ..... the mighty crow from above shrieked! Ahhh yes, a wee Gnome family was hidden on a huge ship to cross the vast ocean for the magical forest..... When they arrived they started to walk thru the forest and came upon a big piece of cake with a sparkling candle on it! Papa said he had no idea what this could be, but they were amazed at such a thing.... They knew this was a magical forest and had hoped the magic would bring a wee forest mouse to them.... you see mice are beloved companions to Gnomes..... (Yank yank) Oh my, Papa felt a tug on his key ring ..... low and behold stood a wee forest mouse! He was dressed in a moss vest and wooly trousers with a wee Gnome hat on his head! The mouse picked pretty forest flowers for the Gnome family.... This made the Gnome family feel at home and the wee mouse wanted to live with the Gnomes..... he could warn them of danger and help dig a tunnel under the Oak tree's roots for their new home! Back in The Netherlands, where the Gnomes once lived they always made a comfy place for their wee mice to lay.... Mama found a nice basket on the ship and brought it with them, just in case they would find a forest mouse when they arrived.... The children loved playing with mice and often the mice would babysit while Mama cooked dinner.... One of the children gently lifted the mouse into the soft basket.... And the mouse wanted to give his flowers to the family before bed.... And so goes the beginning of a lovely story where mice and Gnomes all live together in a magical forest.... it was a good day with many more to come!
Claire, the 4 year old, has a fascination with Farmville. Mama taught her to play and she can navigate the farms better than many adult players. This is a shot I popped off the other evening as she quietly fertilized her neighbors' farms by herself while we cooked dinner.

cooking mama 2 dinner
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