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Cooking Knives Set

cooking knives set
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Fork, knife, and spoon 04
Fork, knife, and spoon 04
Fork, knife, and spoon set I crafted for a friend on 2/14/07 (the great Valentine's Day blizzard). Did all the actual forging that day; and I unfortunately let them sit awhile. Finally got the finish on them (and completed them) on 3/18/07. The black finish is merely Wesson cooking oil burned onto the utensils. Not only does it add a decent look to the pieces, but the oil actually acts as a barrier for moisture and prevents corrosion.
Cooking Light Setup 02
Cooking Light Setup 02
This is the setup shot for the Cooking Light Strobist Assignment. The knife is not the same since I change it on last minute but the lights are the same. Lighting: One Nikon SB26 to camera left and pointing at a white wall (light will come from the back of the set) with a CTO orange gel to give it some tone. Used a small cutting table under it with a stain from the coffee maker. Camera: Tv 200, Av 9.0 ISO 100 Trigger: Gadget Infinity

cooking knives set
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