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Cheap Plastic Watches

cheap plastic watches
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Nixie Watch Display Mockup 04 - 0.5in pitch
Nixie Watch Display Mockup 04 - 0.5in pitch
The IN-17s snug right up against one another at the half-inch pitch. I'm not sure this is true of every pair of IN-17s, though. They're fairly consistent, tube to tube, in their shape, but there is some variation. In the lower left of this picture you can see that the left-hand tube bulges out a bit just above the plastic spacer, and the other tube doesn't (as much). It's possible two unluckily-paired tubes couldn't be installed so close together. I have plenty of the little guys to choose from - they tend to travel in flocks. On eBay I haven't seen these offered in quantities smaller than 20. And cheap? In large (i.e., 60 or more) quantities they can cost well under a dollar including shipping. I should be able to find a couple of compatible pairs.
Day 40: Time is of the essence.
Day 40: Time is of the essence.
A stall full of Swatch-like plastic watches at Tung Choi Street, Hong Kong. I bought a couple because they were so cheap, and pretty cute. But it also reminded me that as a diabetic, I'm constantly checking my watch. When was the last time I ate? Do I need to test my blood sugar now? Is it time for a snack? I guess having a cute watch makes things a little happier, sometimes. :)

cheap plastic watches
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