Snowy Christmas 2015

# 5 Pioneer

This is our little cabin, right in the best part of Sunriver.  It is walking distance to the village, and to the boat launch at Harper's Bridge.  The bike trail is right behind us.  When you sit on the back deck, you will think you are miles from civilization.  You will fall in love with Central Oregon, and all that it has to lure you outdoors.  It is cozy, at 1057 square feet,  sleeps 7 in  2 bedrooms and  a loft (with 3 singles), and 2 bathrooms. 

   Fireplace and living room.

Master Bedroom  
kitchen with maple countertops

We have been busy here.
Summer 2011:  We repainted the kitchen cabinets and added new hardware.  Kevin has replaced the door panels on the laundry closet and with the help of some friends put in a new front door.  We have new furniture for the living room and on the deck.

Fall 2011: New TVs have added just a bit of technology, so now you can use your game console here.  The best part so far is something you will most likely never see, it's the new plumbing under the house so we can leave the water turned on even in the winter.

Spring 2012:  We finally added wi-fi,  We also added a Lopi Wood Stove insert for those cold winter evenings.  Kitchen counter top was leveled and upgraded to maple butcher block - looks great.

Summer 2012:  Biggest event of all was adding the garage and carport, and expanding the covered front porch!!  So nice to have the boats high and dry in the carport.

Summer 2014:  The back deck looked bare compared to the front porch, so we added a portico to provide covered space for the table and barbeque.  New deck will be next addition....soon...

Winter 2015:  Biggest snow since we have owned this place - over 3 feet!!  Up to the windows on the back deck.  If the deck took this load, then maybe it is strong enough to last one more year before we tear it out and redo.

Summer 2017:  Yes!  New Deck is finally done.  We expanded the usable space with a composite deck, wrapping it around the cabin and included the new front porch and steps.  So dang many holes to drill and screws to put in.  

Fall 2018:  Chimney gets cleaned!  Son-in-law Kirk brought his wood splitter, and we split and stacked about 5 cords of wood to age for an upcoming winter.

Winter 2019:  Washing Machine had a hiccup, but Kevin managed to repair it.  

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#5 Pioneer